Transitioning From One Job to the Next

Question: I am looking at a job change. There is new position opening up at where I work. A career transition to this new position seems like a natural for me. I have some doubts about making this position change--back to shift work but its something new which I am excited and also scared about. My question is, what do you see in this new job position for me? Is it in line with my nature (I do want to have fun)?

Answer: Yes. Oh dear one, you are such a benevolent beautiful being. The world wants to experience you! What I mean by that, is there are many possibilities of which you could employ yourself. The question has more to do with your last statement, about wanting to have more fun.

I would encourage you to go for this job if you feel it would bring you joy and perhaps some stability. In the meantime, I would encourage you to begin to dream and to expand your vision of yourself. When Alana senses you and feels your being, I feel a person who has a grand nature, who is a wise soul, who is has much feeling, who has much benevolence, and who has great abilities. You could contribute to many, there are many possibilities in the way of employment.

So I encourage you to dream. I also encourage you to really look at your skills, look at your accomplishments, and look at what you have done. Then imagine a job in a perfect way, working minimum hours for maximum pay. I like that affirmation! Begin to put yourself out there. Begin to get the word out that you are seeking a new occupation. Then you will find that you may create a transition from where you are or you may stay and grow with your current company. In the meantime, as you expand your dreams, you may find that another possibility could land in your lap.

Remember to think fun! Remember to embrace a possibility, remember also to continue to say your wise words, share your wisdom, share your insights, share your knowledge, so people can really get a sense of who you are. You will then draw an opportunity to you... perhaps?

Thank you, dear one.