Simplifying Life by Releasing Distraction

Question: Alana, I am wanting to know how I can transition to a more compassionate career when I still need a job that supplies money to get by plus covers education fees and start up costs. The contradiction is draining my energy while I feel I am wasting time. I’m clueless on what to do next. I feel that I am emotionally and spiritually drawn to work that won’t financially support me. Your answers to other people ring true for me, but the clarity has not come. I could sure use some career direction.

Answer: Thank you for your question.

First let's look at an essential ingredient that can contribute to your confusion. That is your ability to create distraction. Okay?

First take a look at a day's experiences and identify ways you create distractions. Begin to notice how you create "doingness" that is unfulfilling. As you begin to see how you spend time with your distractions, and perhaps, time with things that are not about surrendering to joy, you will begin to receive insight on how to begin to simplify your life.

Simplification may be the first element that will begin to unravel the confusion within you. It may point to a confusing belief that thinks that what you do for your life purpose isn't one which could support you. Thus, doingness steps in. So, simplification will assist you in gaining greater clarity. Gather your distractions for the next step.

The second action is to look at simplification by saying honestly to yourself, "These are distractions. These are things that do not bring me greatest joy and they really do not have to do with necessity or money. I just create them so that I have a sense of being valuable."

As you do this second action moving toward simplification and this self-honesty, your body will begin to relax. As you simplify by allowing distraction to release, relaxation will begin to come into your body. Then you will find that relaxation will become a more natural state. As relaxation enters your body, it will seem more and more possible that you could attract to yourself life work that could be rewarding and financially significant in any field of your choosing.

So before Alana goes further take time to practice identifying how you spend your time, and what actions are truly distractions? Within a week or two, or perhaps a month--after you gave gained some insight here--we will be ready to take the next course of action. I will be anxious to hear your response. And then from this place, we will continue to create your life’s work. I do think that your life’s work is something that could bring you much joy, be quite fun, and create much wealth for you.

Okay, dear one.