Connecting with Life Purpose

Question: How can I know, without a "doubt", what my life purpose calling is? When I feel like I am moving forward with a career direction I begin to doubt myself. Thanks Alana, for your spiritual insight.

Answer: Thank you, very much, for asking this question because it is a question that many ponder. The answer I wish to convey is one that leads to a wonderful process.

First, begin by recognizing that doubt is an element that will always exist within, since we all have a mind. So, recognize that doubt is a natural part. When doubt occurs, ask yourself, "Doubt, what do you want to point me to?" Ask yourself, "What old belief do I have in me that says I am not enough, not good enough, or that I do not deserve?" Use doubt as a tool. It is a tool of your mind. Okay?

Once you have an understanding that doubt is really okay to have, it will help you gain insight. Doubt will become a directional pointer for you.

The next part of this question is about aligning with your purpose. You do this by beginning to imagine. You begin to create a space in your day--a time within your life--where you create a daily experience where you explore your nature. You do this to create possibilities for yourself.

You say to yourself:

-- What if I was doing something that brought a lot of fun into my life?

-- What would these activities look like?

-- What if I was doing something that reminded me of times in my childhood when I was filled with delight?

-- What would that look like?

-- If I could do something that felt incredibly instinctual and natural to me, what would that look like?

-- Looking back into my life, what were the things from which I really got a lot of joy?

-- What was it that I was really good at?

-- What would that look like?

-- If I could open up to having an experience that would be totally out of this world, what would that look like?

Do you see where I am going and what I am getting at? I am invoking and awakening parts within yourself that have forgotten how to seek. I'm helping you rediscover parts within you that perhaps have been subdued and do not have a voice. I am invoking these parts of you to have expression, thus bringing into you a fuller spectrum of yourself. I am invoking within you the feeling of more vibration within your body, and as your vibration expands, you'll get a greater sense of what brings you joy. More and more enthusiasm and excitement will be invoked in your body and more parts of you will wake up.

So, we are waking up and that is the way to begin this search. That is the way to begin the process of aligning with your life purpose.

Your purpose is not about some lofty duty that you could contribute to the whole. It has more to do with a lofty duty of contributing to you.

When you contribute to yourself in a grand way or a simple way--one that feels like it makes you alive-- you will contribute to the whole. But first doubt will point you to your old beliefs. As you unravel those, you will find that what you really desire is to know more about yourself. As you do this, you will find that parts of you are now more willing to express more and more ways to have joy. You will then draw to you experiences where you can use your talents and your innate abilities. Doubt will lead you to your purpose. You will have allowed it to lead you inward, to find your core delight. From there you will have the capacity to co-create wonderful synchronicities.

I wish to again thank you for this very special question, and wish you well on your life's journey.