Finding Joy in Life

Question: I'm so desperately bored and depressed with my job, career, and my life. It's as though I have nothing to look forward to. I don't have joy in my life anymore. It's seems I've worked for years and have gotten nowhere. Could you please tell me how to redefine or redirect my life to gain joy and abundance? I would really like your perspective on how to transition into a more joyful life where I better understood my life purpose and mission.

Answer: Hello, dear one. Thank you for bringing your question to Alana. I feel that you are in a time of life where new possibility and promise want to come to you. In other words, you are moving into a wonderful time of life. Begin to approach each day as a new horizon.

As we mature we begin to look back at what we have accomplished and where we have allowed ourselves to be faithful and loyal to our own natures. We also examine where we have settled for things that come easy or have settled by doing jobs or skills that serve others.

What Alana senses in your nature is that you are at a place in which you could redefine your life's purpose. It feels that you have accomplished much of what you set out to do at a young age and then you kind of cruised for a while. Now you are at a place where your being is desiring growth, new awareness, and a deeper fulfilling mission.

Alana suggests that you begin by getting in touch with your deeper truths. In other words, go soul searching. Tap into a reservoir within you that has been untapped, and tap into a place within you where you have not created the time to search and look. Begin to ask yourself, "What is my greatest mission? What is it that would excite me, and bring me delight? What is it that would ignite a spark of inspiration in me." Next begin to seek subjects, read materials, look at individuals that are examples, and begin to fill your life with this kind of energy.

You see, the way to redirect one's life is to begin to create a focus, a focus of energy in what creates interest for you and what is inspiring in the world. By creating this focus and beginning to ignite energy within you, you create a vibration that can begin to attract experiences to you that you can become a part of.

Alana desires to tell you to pay more attention to yourself than others. Others can tell you what to do, but really pay attention to what you feel you would like to do and take some risks. Risk happiness! Risk possibility!

Challenge yourself to discover what else lies within you that seeks promise. You are never too old to turn a corner, to open a book, or challenge yourself to grow because you will always exist. So, why not, in this present moment, ignite experiences to evoke growth? Ignite experiences to challenge yourself to learn more, express more, and become more of who you really are.

You have served many. You have done very well and accomplished much. Alana feels that there is still more ahead for you to discover. So dear one, begin your journey. Create a mission in life that feels delightful to you. Really ask yourself what would make you happy. This will help you tap into this beautiful reservoir of energy that lies within you and it will begin to express. Your outer world will follow, bringing you promise and opportunity.

Thank you, dear one. Alana appreciates that you are now at a place to experience more of your nature.