Question: I've had a career in the hi-tech fast paced world now for nearly 20 years. I have learned a lot, made a reasonable amount of money helping people with career development, and I've enjoyed a reasonable amount of success. However, for quite some time I have felt my life was pulling me down the river one way while my heart really longed to go another. My life is full and rich. I am surrounded by friends and family. I live in comfort, even luxury, if I compare it with most of the planet. I want to learn to enjoy where I am, and doing whatever I am doing. Can you advise me? I feel stressed, bored, and filled with a sense of wanting to be elsewhere a lot of the time. Since this is an old pattern and one I have followed all to often in life, I am not eager to rush about stirring things up just to alleviate the boredom. I want to be thoughtful in my pursuits and peaceful where I am. Can you help?

Answer: Thank you, dear one, for your beautiful question. Your question is an expression of many different thoughts that you have that are formed in many different parts of your nature. Alana can feel your desire to show respect for parts within you that wish to have variety, as well as parts of you that wish to have stability in your job. There are also the parts within you that wish to grow and expand. There is much thoughtfulness occurring for all parts, which will also be felt by those around you.

First of all, give yourself acknowledgement for discovering these different aspects in yourself and for allowing yourself to seek and find more personal fulfillment in your life and work. One thing I can tell from your question is that your being is seeking growth. Your mind loves to be challenged and loves to experience more kinds of information to stimulate it. You are a learner, you are an achiever, and you also are a nurturer. Look at ways for all of your parts to find fulfillment, for all of your parts wish to achieve successes.

Also, what Alana feels is that there are parts of your life, and perhaps of your career vibration, that you have some sense of completion with. You are now getting ready to branch out in ways where you will feel more challenged and where your being will feel more vibrant. Vibrancy will come because you will be assisting the parts of you that feel bored. This will help them align with ways to find more knowledge and personal development.

Alana suggests that you simply keep doing what you are doing. I would keep being who you are and listen to all of your parts. Listen to the ones that are bored, the ones that seek adventure, and the ones that wish some new challenges. Continue to turn into your heart and feel what would excite you the most. I do not feel that you will burn bridges that will cause you pain. I feel that you have one foot firmly on the ground while your other foot is dancing. This is a quality that will assist you in finding more, becoming more, and allowing more of yourself to experience life.

Congratulate yourself. You will find that from this acknowledgement your being will relax and you will know when it is time to take the next step.

Again, thank you, dear one, for your beautiful question. Trust yourself to find ways to have secure career development and happiness in life.