Life Coaching: Finding Our Talents and Gifts

Question: I'm at a time where life direction is really important to me. I want to feel that my life is making a difference through its expression. What is my life purpose and what are my gifts and talents that I can use to fulfill this purpose?

Answer: Hello, dear one. Alana hears your question and is delighted that you are at a place in your life where you are aware that finding one's purpose can bring much bliss and joy. Many individuals go through life without even contemplating the possibility of an authentic life expression. So, first off, celebrate that you have asked questions about the possibilities that may lie ahead for you.

Now, when Alana feels your vibration, I sense much kindness and desire to serve humanity. I also feel some artistic expression that lies within you. Alana feels that part of your nature is here to contribute joy, expression, and delight.

A purpose does not have to be a grand gesture in a massive way that creates huge results. The benefit of following one's purpose often is about spreading a certain type of vibration or energy as an example which then radiates out to others. Others can see from your example if they tune into their natures and hearts and follow their passions how they could find satisfaction in their lives and contribution a purpose as well. This, in itself, creates a huge shift and a very grand impression.

So, Alana would coaches you to ask yourself deeply, if you could do anything without the concern of money, what would it be? Keep asking yourself these questions because the more you follow your joy, the more prosperity will come to you as you clear old beliefs of scarcity. Do follow your heart, dear one. Keep your creative ideas open. Continue to have the curiosity that you do and life will certainly bring you many opportunities.

Thank you, dear one, for your question. It is delightful!