Healers Bring Creative Abundance

Question: Dearest Alana, with your encouragement I have been trying to find a career that would be ideal. I think I would enjoy energy healing, in fact I have received my Reiki 1 attunement! I don't see how it could bring me the prosperity I would like, but if I were rich, I would do healings without pay, because it feels wonderful to do so! Is there any way you can confirm that I would be a healer of integrity, and that it truly is my calling?

Answer: Hello there, dear one! It is delightful to hear from you again. Alana is very, very excited by the progress that you have made and the trust that is moving into your heart. Alana senses that you are asking yourself deep questions and taking action on the way that you are feeling, and listening to your body, your nature and your heart. How can one go wrong when one moves in these directions? In other words, you are doing grand and Alana is quite excited.

Alana also feels that within, you have the ability to be a grand energy healer. Otherwise you wouldn't have been attracted to energy healing as a possibility in your life. Alana also feels that by partaking in this mode of healing you are also unlocking energies within you that have been stagnant for a long time. So, expect new possibilities and a new awareness to come to you and continue to develop in greater ways.

Now, Alana also wants to give you a little tip here. When we do what we love we become a flow of creativity and creativity is a tool to manifest abundance. Abundance has a direct relationship to the amount of creativity that we allow to flow through us. So the more that you allow energy to flow through your body and your being, in delightful healthy ways, the more joy that will move into your body, and greater possibilities for abundance will come to you.

Imagine individuals out there that are stuck in their old energy patterns. Can you imagine what they would give to have their lives open and to have new possibilities come to them? So dear one, do not underestimate your potential here or the possibility of creating abundance through this. Just take baby steps and stay within your comfort zone. At the same time stretch a little bit too. You know, people love to pay others to do work that they love to do because that benefit gets transferred to them.

So, keep your mind open, keep following your heart, keep playing with possibility, and you will do great things in this world. You already are. Thank you, dear one.