Developing a Career Interest

Question: Alana, I am a forty year old male, Virgo, who has never been happy with any job I've had. Do you foresee me ever finding a great job or career direction that I will truly enjoy? Thank you for your career guidance.

Answer: Hello, dear one. Alana is delighted to have your question brought forth. Alana wishes to give you inspiration and information that may help you to develop a career; one that is in alignment with the challenges that your being wishes to bring into your life. Recognize that when Alana uses the word challenge, it doesn't mean a challenge that is against you. Alana is meaning that your nature desires growth. Your nature desires to express more of your individual essence. Your nature desires to express more of your innate abilities.

Alana senses that you have done well with your ambitions. You have done well in manifesting jobs, which pay you money, so that you can live in the home you wish and drive the car that will get you around. But Alana feels you have missed some opportunities because your abilities of helping others have occupied your attention. What you have missed is really doing some soul searching in how to use your organizational skills with your abilities and turn them towards self-definition.

In other words, your nature is very good at administering and helping others and therefore you attract situations where you can use these skills. Now it feels it is time to look deep within and challenge yourself to identify more deeply with your authentic self.

Take a risk. Take a risk to get to know yourself in deeper ways. Challenge yourself to imagine possibilities. Alana senses that deeply surrendering to what may seem difficult, could be the greatest reward for you. What Alana means by difficult is to really challenge yourself to step out of the world you are so comfortable with. Step out of what you have done in the past. Step out of what you know. Step out of your abilities to serve others, and get to know yourself. Ask yourself, "If money was not an object, and I could do whatever I wished, what would it be?"

You may find that you wish to take a vacation for a while. Then so be it. Go there and imagine that! Imagine yourself on this vacation for a while--or whatever comes to you--and get into the idea. Now that you have experienced the thoughts of taking a vacation, go to the next possibility. What would be complimentary to your nature? What would feel challenging and provide growth? Alana senses that growth is what you desire. Challenge and directing your energy into ways to serve you is what you are wanting.

This is not a selfish thing to do, because the more that you serve yourself, the more full you become, and the more that you will have to give. So dear one, practice giving to yourself. Begin surrendering to the challenges that are awaiting you in self-discovery and resources will follow for developing your ideal job or career.

Alana appreciates your question. Thank you, dear one.