Pursuit of a New Job

Question: I quit my comfortable job after 7 years. For the past two years I have "bounced" from job to job, in search of a career choice, rather than just a job. I have noticed that I don't pursue the thing I like to do, rather I fall back on the more "comfortable" job. What should, and how should I go about making a change for the better?

Answer: Hello dear one! Alana enjoys your question and listening to your reasoning. It is interesting how so often human beings resist doing what brings them great pleasure. However, when it comes to desert, a fabulous dessert that someone puts it in front of them, they rarely can say no. That is of course unless they have an intention to be on a strict diet and have the conscious will power to say no. However, if a person is use to enjoying the senses and pleasures that a good taste can bring it is very difficult to say no.

Alana sees our innate abilities and our talents very much this way, as incredible desserts that exist within us. Alana finds this is interesting feels the reason it is so difficult ton surrender to our innate nature is because most people's self discovery hasn't been supported. Most of us have forgotten about what is within us, or what Alana calls our inner dessert. We have not developed a pattern or way of to tap into and surrender to the treats that exist within us.

One step you can take is begin to educate yourself again. Begin to create ways to experience these aspects of yourself as treats. You could daily take time to dabble, play, and create. You could devote time for self-discovery. Call this your dessert time of day. Create a playtime. By doing this you will educate yourself as well as draw more opportunities to you. You will bring to you more experiences to invoke these innate talents within you as well as develop broader interests that lie within you. You might consider education. Take a vocational class to help you develop an interest. By doing this you will expand your energy and this will begin to attract more information and evidence of possibilities. Eventually you will turn a corner.

So dear one, you will find that potatoes and broccoli which are the staples are fine. However there is much delight when you add spice to them. In this case the spice is getting in touch with your talents and the abilities that lie within you. Focus on what would give you a richer and more meaningful life where you have opportunities to contribute of your individual pattern to many. You see the more we contribute that which brings us joy, the more joy we birth into the world. This is the element - this is the vibration - this is the energy that will make the biggest difference in our relationship as one.

So thank you dear one. Hopefully through this answer you will receive encouragement to step into your true vibration and allow your essence to grow. Thank you dear one.