Life Changes

Question: I am going through a life change because I have recently decided to move to a new city. I will be working once again with a lady who originally hired me in the business I am currently working in. This sad part is that I am leaving behind my clients, many of whom have become good friends. The good thing is that I will meet new people. My son is staying behind and not moving with me. I am wondering if this change will help him become more responsible. Also, as this is a huge leap out of my comfort zone will this move be good for me? I look forward to your reply. Thanks once again Alana.

Answer: Hello dear one! It is delightful to hear from you again. Alana is happy to hear that you are making changes within your life in a new way. The reason Alana feels happy is because Alana senses that your character is strengthening in new ways. You are gaining a stronger awareness of possibility and a broader sense of abundance is moving into your nature. Alana feels that your decision to move is one of a pioneer. By creating this move, Alana feels that you will bring into you a new sense of self and develop your identity in wonderful new ways. Alana wishes you to recognize when you make a decision and move toward it to remember that all things are continually being created from your intention. So keep your intentions clear and focused and then your new journey will bring forth qualities from your clear intention.

Also recognize that nothing is carved in stone. What I mean by this is time is a tool. It creates change. Therefore this is just the next step, and after you embrace the qualities of this change, you will get to decide what your next step is. In other words, we are on a journey dear one, and we do not stop at any one place for very long, we continue to grow and expand. We have preferences and discern and learn how to bring forth more love into our life.

Now to ponder the connection with your son vibration, Alana feels that your son vibration has much to learn about his identity and has yet to fully accept what is possible for him. Anytime that two individuals as you two have been, create a sense of separation in body for a period of time, the energies shift. So yes, you can expect that he will be learning more about himself and learning more about how to be responsible for his own nature. He may end up recreating another parent vibration in his life through one of his friends. That is a possibility. It will be a bit different of a dynamic because the friend will not be you, you see. He will continue to grow and he will continue to learn. Hold him able and recognize that he does have a good heart. I already sense that you know this.

Thank you dear one for your beautiful question. Thank you for bringing it forth and please do know to that you can come and ask another question once that you are settled.

Your clients will remember you. Remember that you have your E-Mail connection, you have your telephone, you can keep in touch, you see. So dear one, thank you very much and Alana feels delighted to reconnect with you in this way.