Empower Your Career Change

Question: Alana, I am about to take a major step in my life attempting to come out of my shell by finding things to motivate and help me become active once again. My husband is remodeling a room off our garage to make a home based business for professional dog grooming. We are really putting ourselves out there stretching the old budget to make this possible and being uncertain that I will attract enough customers in this small country town. Can you give me any insight as to whether I am going in the right direction? Will it be successful or what can I do to see that it obtains the goals I have in mind? Thank you.

Answer: Dear one, thank you for your beautiful question. As Alana hears your question, it brings about a connection to creativity. Recognize that when you paint a picture, the picture changes form many times. What is interesting is the picture actually creates itself with you being the instrument or tool to bring it forth. The picture seems to have an intention even before you set your brush to the canvas. Life is much like this as well. We have an intention in our mind and we also have a grand intention within our being. It is as if the two dance between each other. It is as if we set in motion an idea with the intentions that are in our mind then at a point our grand intention steps in and fuels our direction. Now we have a creation that is even vaster and bigger than when we first began our intention.

Alana wishes to acknowledge you for beginning to take steps. Also, Alana wants to empower you to continue moving forward with these steps. As you continue to connect with your dreams, your feelings, your visions, your ideas practice love. Practice love by honoring your dreams and your visions. Continue each day to ask yourself what would delight you. Each day practice doing something that evokes enthusiasm. 

This enthusiasm will lead you to greater expressions and to more fulfillments. From this place within you, others will be attracted to you. Perhaps others will come to you in forms of curiosity. They may be curious of what you are up to. Some will come to you and say, " Here is my dog. My dog needs to look beautiful and you can do this." Alana senses that the space that you are creating in your home will be a space for many things. Wouldn't you agree that a space within your home where you can go to contemplate possibilities in forms of creativity would be delightful? Whether it is creativity within your imagination and using your tools or whether it is creativity that you share with an animal in making it more beautiful. 

So dear one, Alana feels much more will come from taking this step than you can imagine this day. Your gesture, intentions, and moving forward are great. It is to be celebrated along with the connection you have with your love ones and their supportive natures. Thank you dear one for your question. Alana is very excited for you!