Career Change

Question: I'm making a career change from a software developer to a massage therapist. I initially did this so that I could have a flexible home business career and have more time to devote to singing, which I do semi-professionally. Now that it is getting down to the wire, I'm afraid of leaving my full-time software job and jumping off into the unknown. I'm afraid to be swallowed up in the effort of starting a new practice, when I just want to be able to sing and still make a living. Am I doing the right thing? Your career guidance on this issue would really help.

Answer: Thank you, dear one, for your beautiful question. Alana is excited that you are at a turning point in your life. This means that you are opening up to grander possibilities and a greater sense of satisfaction within your nature.

There is always a transition point when we surrender to an aspect of our heart, as we balance what we know and have been comfortable with in the past. Allow yourself to take baby steps. Move forward as you are comfortable, and continue to open to passion in your desires.

Alana suggests you get very, very honest. What I mean by this is to really delve into your heart. Go deeply into your excitement and into the parts of you that feel they could shout with joy. Connect with these parts. See what is within them that wishes to express. Discover what you really would like to do. This can be a powerful tip, since we achieve the greatest amount of success where we have the vastest amount of enthusiasm and joy. The more you are honest, the more you will discover--and the more success you will co-create in your life.

There is a time for balancing. There is a time for honoring all parts. Do you see?

Eventually what will happen for you, dear one, is your excitement will begin to be more pronounced and your destiny will become more clear. Take baby steps. Continue to turn towards your joy, and you will leap forward in your growth and self-expression (most likely, when you least expect it). You just may surprise yourself!

Thank you, dear one, for your question. It was delightful.