"Trust in the Purpose of Feelings"

Question: I have been trying to give a direction to my professional life for a few years. I work in a place I don't enjoy very much. It doesn't give me the possibility to develop and to make a career. Recently I said "no" to a proposal that all my friends told me was everything I had been waiting for. And I say "no" based on my feelings. Now I am trying to contact an important person to get an interview. It is difficult because she is very important, busy, and because someone recommended me. I will keep trying. My questions are: Will I get a job at this important person's company? If "yes", will it be a good one for me? And if "no", is there any chance to succeed in my professional life this lifetime?

Answer: Alana welcomes your question. Thank you dear one, for connecting and asking such a heart felt question. Yes you have a strong potential to achieve success in your desired career area. Alana feels that you are learning how to work with your intuition and your intuition is a very important part of your nature. It will help you create connections, contacts and parties that will support your career as well as your goals, dreams and visions. What Alana suggests is for you to broaden your awareness. What I mean by this is to think in larger ways. Allow yourself to know that you have the ability to attract many possible connections that could assist in your career development. As you broaden your prospective and begin to think in vaster and bigger ways, you will see more opportunities. This will create encouragement for your hopes and dreams, which will then attract more opportunities to you.

Alana feels that this one important person is a possibility, but for you to begin to visualize it as just one possibility rather then the most significant. This will give you more confidence knowing that there are other possibilities that could be equally as important that could come your way.

Also, Alana again wishes to reinforce within you the nature of your intuition and trusting your feelings.

Always trust your feelings because they are there for a purpose.

They will point you to your values and point you to your desires. They will assist you in creating what you wish.

So dear one keep your faith, keep your heart open so that wisdom will continue to flow into you. Use your beautiful mind to organize and to direct your affairs. Thank you so much for coming to Alana with this question and Alana wishes you happiness, prosperity, and success. Thank you.