Knowing Life Purpose

Question: Over the years I've talked with many intuitive practitioners and the common thread through all they've told me has been this: I belong in a helping profession and that I supposedly have the gifts to do a good job. Why then do I feel so incredibly powerless and inept in all that I do? And, what talents do I possess of which I am obviously unaware. Sometimes I get so disgusted with myself. Can you help me with my career direction, please?

Answer: What I wish to say to you dear one is that I wish to invite you to just play. You know, people can examine us, can look within us, can evaluate us, can think for us, can encourage us, and can criticize us. I could go on and on. However, when it comes to knowing what our life's purpose is, it must come from within us.

Yes, others are mirrors and they can validate us. They can give us direction. We can look at them as mirrors and take in what they say. If we use what they provide as information, it will help us "discern" what brings us joy!

Discernment is what will bring about clarity in any direction that we may wish to go. This will also bring up the part of you that self-judges. When we mentally project that what our mind knows is all there is, then we are caught up in limitation. We begin to feel that we have to look a certain way, be a certain way, or know a certain thing (and know it well), before we can be credible.

Children as Teachers

What I wish to say to you is to join your little ones. Join your children and learn from them. You see, they are perfect already. They are enjoying their day-to-day activities with extreme enthusiasm.

They do not judge if they are good or bad. They just take a step. Take one step after another. They already recognize that they must take one little step to take another step, and if they did not take the first little step, they would not get to the second step.

During this time in your life, is there time for you to be with your children and to "learn how to learn" from them? They would be grand teachers! Examine their motivations; look at how they learn. Look at how they see encouragement all around them because they are in awe. There is so much to learn. Do you see?

As you model your children, you will find permission within yourself. You will find great permission in yourself to just try things and see how they feel. As you watch your children, you will see how they develop their likes, and you will see how they channel their skills. You will see how they develop their talents, and you can do the same thing.

Each Day Move Toward Joy

Find time during each day to keep moving in the direction that brings you joy. Keep playing with possibilities. Go into your imagination. Go into your heart. Go on a search and ask yourself,

"If I were a child what would I do? If I were a child with a wonderful parent to direct me, how would my parents help me?"

I encourage you to allow your mind to feel that you do not have to have it all perfect. I also encourage you to listen to those that wish to support you, and also discern for yourself what it is that would bring you joy.

As you practice this, you will play, you will research, you will taste, and you will feel many of life's possibilities. Then you will find that inspiration will begin to fill your nature. Encouragement will flow within your nature, and you will find a direction and be brave enough to act upon it.

Thank you so much for bringing forth this beautiful question, and keep up the play. Thank you dear one.