Transforming Beliefs Through Meditating

Question: Hi Alana, I asked you about finding more compassionate work and creating a good income. You asked that I absorb and apply your answer and then come back. Here I am! Your suggestion to look at what I do for distractions or to feel valuable led to many observations. You also suggested I simplify. I find that the distractions are many -- cleaning, gabbing with a friend too long, visiting my parents to "help" when I wasn't asked, meetings, obsessing about what other people do or don't do, running errands, running, yoga. Some of these things need to be done. Others bring joy to a point, but can become over done. There is no one else to clean or pay my bills or manage my investments.

I like to run and I love my yoga practice. I enjoy working with friends to resolve issues and lead them forward--or share my issues with them and gain new insight. I have sought balance, but find that a job is the biggest drain on getting any thing else done. Still, I am more inclined to create work that includes kinesthetic movement, like yoga or a resort situation. It is more fun and interesting to include some sort of body-mind-spirit-(emotional) work aspect into my day than to sit at a desk in someone else's company. There are so many choices and so little time.

What can I do to get clear and to release the fear of going for it!

Answer: Well, dear one, thank you so much for returning and doing the exercises as presented. That tells me that you are dedicated to finding your life purpose.

There are a couple things that you can do that I will suggest now. One is to continue to do forms of meditation that feel refreshing to you. Meditation can come in many forms. It can come in forms of movement like your yoga. It can also come in forms of being still within one's self.

Another form which Alana feels is very delightful, and may also be a delightful form for you, would be to write daily. This form of meditation is one that will help you quiet the distractive aspects of your nature that like to stay busy in your mind. You see, the outward distractions are just a mirror of your inward distractions. What you might do next is to plan a small portion of your morning and dedicate it to writing some journaling pages. Write out at least three pages of unconscious flow. This is a delightful exercise that is described in a grand book called "The Artist's Way" (by Julia Cameron).

This process will help you channel the distractions within so that they have a place to express. As you write these three pages of unconscious flow daily in the morning, by the time you get to your third page there will be some clarity. This will continue to be a form of meditation that will guide you from a place within yourself.

So Alana sees that as a strong tool for you. It will be interesting to see how you can surrender to this type of love.

Another thing that I would suggest is to keep feeling what you are doing. As I listen to your question, Alana hears that you are getting more in touch with what brings you joy. Keep that up! You see, what we think about expands. We get more of what we turn our attention towards. Therefore, keep thinking about what pleases you and what makes you happy. Then you may find, out of the blue, that someone will come to you with an opportunity that pays you very well and also embraces these qualities.

Who says that doing something spiritual--something along the lines of self love and healing--cannot pay you incredible amounts of money? Do you see? That is an old belief. Let us take that belief and transform it.

So, play with this for awhile, and see what happens.

Thank you dear one.