Prosperous Career and a Happy Personal Life

Question: Dear Alana, how soon will it be before I am able to have a job that allows me to work in a field I enjoy and also increases my prosperity to a point where I am free from financial worries? I would appreciate your personal coaching on this matter. I do know that I need to work with people to their betterment, which is, it seems, also to mine, and have time and energy to have a healthy, happy life of my own.

Answer: Hello, dear one, this is a question that has a lot of punch to it. You have brought much of yourself forward by sharing your desires both professionally and personally. There is much consideration in your heart. I appreciate your desire to find a balance between a prosperous career that makes you happy and also one which enriches your personal life. For a rewarding career that makes your happy and also enriches your personal life.

Let's unwind your question for it is really like a ball of thread. As we unwind it, we will find numerous questions within it. Alana will attempt to find the essential questions in your heart and address them.

First, I would ask you to find a place within yourself that deserves great joy. Find a place in you that can describe aspects of an ideal job. Perhaps it would be working in a compassionate field where your work hours would support your play time. This job might give your opportunities to engage with people in ways that are rewarding and challenging. But not challenging in ways of negativity, more so in ways of personal growth opportunity. Go ahead and describe potential aspects of what a job like this might be in ways that are in alignment with your values, needs, likes, by tuning into your self-honesty. Asking yourself to be very clear about the truth of your nature, this is what I mean by self-honesty. You could ask yourself:

What allows my nature to really thrive?

This feels to me like the first question you could ask yourself bring forth clarity within you so that you can begin to attract a prosperous and fulfilling job. Remember, just engaging in the energy of asking creates conscious intention.

Second, let's go another step to untangle the ball of thread within your question and all the thoughts within it. Now let's go into the part of your nature that knows you deserve what you wish. This is your nature of self-worth. This is the willingness to connect with the part of you that really knows what you have to contribute. This is the part of you that understands your worthiness. I invite you to go within and become clear on how precious you are.

Yes, get clear on how precious you are.

Get clear by recognizing all that you have to contribute and how wise you are. It is wonderful when we can embrace our divinity. Take your beautiful arms and place them around you. Give back to yourself all that you wish to give others. In other words, learn how to be as kind to yourself as you feel you should be to others. Then this element, this compassion, will also begin to direct you towards creating your perfect and prosperous job.

Third, let us look for one more question within your question. I sense that it has to do with love. I feel that it has to do with knowing that as you love others, love will come back to you. How about beginning to create situations each day where you are with someone that you trust? This is someone that you feel is there to support you and care for you. Begin to build a foundation upon this co-creation. The more that you allow love in your life, and the more that you discern how to create people in your life that give you love in return, the more you will be nourished. By doing so, you will begin to attract a job that you can have for a long time. These are the first three ingredients that I suggest for you ponder. The conscious attention you place in these three areas will begin to create a deeper intention to manifest a prosperous job in your outer world. What you sense within yourself empowers your outer world to create your physical reality so that you may attract this wonderful job.

You see, dear one, the vibration we hold within ourselves is magnetic. By embracing and bringing all of the things I've suggested into your vibration, you will begin to attract the kinds of opportunities that will compliment you.

If my answer seemed somewhat distant from what your rational mind would have prefered to know understand that I am speaking to your heart. Your heart is the key to unlocking the energy to manifest prosperity and abundance. It is what engages us in happiness. Therefore, all else is built upon the foundation of the heart.

Thank you for your delightful question.