Trading Corporate Job for Music Career

Alana, I'm going through a career crisis, wanting to quit my corporate job of over ten years and pursue my love, which is music. At 41 years old, this is a little frightening. I also believe that I have the power to heal through music and spirituality. I would like to explore this on a full time basis, but quitting my job means losing a substantial amount of income. I realize I should take the "leap of faith" and probably do what my heart is begging me to do; however, I cannot seem to make the break. Any career advice is greatly appreciated.

Hello, dear one! You are like many people who feel a desire within to do something creative that also serves humanity. When we have an expression within us that wants to expand outward--one that beautifies our nature and brings us joy--it is an expression that definitely wants to have a life. Alana also recognizes that there is a need to have material success, and that there are certain necessities that one has in maintaining a lifestyle.

Alana feels that you are in a time of transition. You are beginning, getting ready for a transition into the last major cycle of your life. This last major cycle will extend from the time that you do make this transition throughout the rest of your life. It is often similar to having two lives in one. Right now you are in a place of incubation. You are incubating possibilities and expressions, as well as bringing vitality and energy into your body, which will support this transition that is coming for you.

Alana feels that you may end up creating two vocations for a little bit. You might end up slowly bridging into music. It may be that you will move into two different vocations to support you through this bridge time. Gradually, your music and your healing vibration will become more evident and stronger.

Alana suggests that you take some baby steps. Sometimes when we take a big leap, we don't remember to honor the practical aspects of our nature. Alana encourages small steps in this direction. By taking the small steps you will get evidence, you will build momentum, and then the big step will happen quite naturally.

Alana does agree that music is an important expression for your soul and you soul's development, and a wonderful gift that you give to others. Alana does agree very much that your music has a healing vibration to it. Many people want to experience it. You might ask yourself to create a clear image of what you would like your expressions to look like, the form that you would like them to be in. Then hold this intention.

When doing this daily, create a dream box into which you put your wishes. By identifying what you would like to create in your future, you begin to draw people to you who want to support you. You will draw helpers to you, along with people that desire to benefit from your creations.

See if you can let go of this feeling of either/or. Recognize that you have more than one path operating simultaneously. You are growing in more than one way. Therefore, it is an illusion to think of it as either/or. You are always moving forward. Alana does feel that if you look down the road two or three years from now, your life may look much different (from feeling the vibration within you now).

It is just about time, dear one. It is about intention and holding your vision. You will take your baby steps, and your life will open. The harmony that exists within you is going to find expression. Thank you, dear one.