Spirituality and Energy Healing Gifts

Question: Alana, I have a question about developing a life purpose. I have always felt a very strong spiritual and intuitive connection and have also seen sporadic manifestations of a wonderful gift which I know I possess, but do not know how to use. I also feel that I have such an awareness because I am intended to use my gifts to heal others. How can I get better in touch with my healing power, and and make it an affirmation in my life. Is my purpose here really to use the gift for healing?

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for bringing your question to Alana. Alana feels within you a gentleness, but also an intensity. The intensity feels like it is the ability to think a thought, concentrate energy towards the thought, and bring about an experience. So, Alana feels that you have capabilities to manifest that are very delightful. Alana also feels the healing vibration that exists within you. It is wanting to be combined with your ability to intend an idea and manifest a result. It feels that you are gaining a sense that you are a channel or that you are a vehicle with an intention and that you can allow universal energy to move through your intention which creates an external result.

Of course, there is always co-creation or agreement. In other words, when we heal another it is because we have created the willingness to be a channel, and the other has created the willingness to receive. So, what you could do, dear one, is continue to develop your intention. Continue to become aware of what lies within you and just play with your energy. Practice and find ideas that excite you or situations where you could easily practice your vibration and then just continue to do what feels natural. Yes, if we are aware of the gifts within us then it is time to play with them. It is time to experience what is possible with them, otherwise your intention in consciousness would not direct you to an awareness.

So, Alana feels that you are right on track with who you are. Just keep taking the time to devote energy to your self exploration and expand your sense of possibility. Read what entices you and be with people that interest you. And you will attract experiences to expand the gifts that lie within and to serve mankind. You are also very multi-skilled. So, it feels that you will have more than one interest within your life and that you will probably do several different things throughout your life, because people are drawn to you.