Love of Learning Brings Purpose

Question:Can you give me insight into career and my life's purpose? I am in a period of transition. I have more freedom now after looking after people for years. I love learning, the arts, nature and am interested in energy healing. Are these a part of that purpose? Thanks for your answers to people's questions. They have helped me a good deal and I'm sure positively effected others as well.

Hello, dear one! Alana is happy to hear from you. You know, Alana gets a sense that wherever you place your presence you bring along with you encouragement and light. Alana feels that part of what your presence is about is encouraging individuals, and encouraging people to surrender to more pleasure in their life and to also lighten their loads.

Now that you have more free time it feels like allowing yourself to spend time pursuing your interests is delightful. This is because as you bring knowledge, experience, curiosity and interest you broaden your nature. As you intermingle your vibration with others, they gain a sense of new identity from the enthusiasm that comes from your nature. So, Alana feels your presence is making a difference wherever you are.

Alana feels that as you socialize and connect with others, you deliver a certain light. This is also a form of energy healing, you see. An individual's presence alone can transfer healing vibration. So, your presence transfers a certain light that does ignite energy within others.

Alana also feels that you can study and learn whatever you wish. I feel that you are at a time where you have free reign, so to speak. You have infinite possibilities open to you. So just keep turning towards that which brings you joy, whatever interests you and whatever ignites a sense of wonderment. As you do this, you will attract what will add to your soul's development. Alana feels much peace within you, much peace that you can also share. I also feel that life ahead for you wants to expand your talents and gifts. Soak up nature. Soak up all that is beautiful. Allow yourself to transfer that through your presence.

Thank you, dear one, for you beautiful question and thank you for being a beacon of light. You know, the more individuals that fill up their natures, the more light that will emulate upon the planet and a great difference will be felt throughout all. Thank you, dear one.