Finding Life Purpose

Question: Alana, I was laid off from my job back in January of this year. This was the eleventh job and the ninth layoff that I have experienced in the last sixteen years. I pray for a new door to open and not in aircraft or aerospace. I have been praying and meditating on a new direction, but I seem to be stuck in the mud. I desperately need a change. Hoping and praying to find my life's purpose. What should I do?

Answer: Hello! Thank you for bringing your question to Alana, dear one.

Your question sounds like you are at a place in your life where you know it is time to expand your imagination about what is possible. Often we encounter situations that begin and end because we are manifesting a deeper desire within us for change. In a situation like yours, it sounds like the changes that have occurred through repetition are there to point you to a direction within yourself that wants to explore new possibilities. Alana senses that you already know this from your question.

Now, what you could do to begin to stimulate possibilities is to expand your belief that possibilities are out there. Also, pay greater attention to your environment. What Alana means by this is, begin to open your ears and your senses more, as you hear people talk about things that they are doing, or interests that they have, or possible vocations, or possible opportunities, broaden your ears, broaden your senses, and begin to tune into your nature, and feel if anything that you hear about excites you at all, or if it invokes an interest within you.

You may have a part of your nature that discounts things because you feel that you are at a certain age and learning something new would be difficult.

Alana feels that within yourself you have desires that you have yet to surrender to that are quite instinctual and natural. They are talents that could come quite easy. So, take the thought that feels, perhaps, that you are too old to go into a new direction and allow that thought to relax.

Now, what Alana feels is that as you broaden your belief in possibility, you could also take some time and do some exploring. Explore what could be a mission in your life that would bring you delight. What if you were to tune into your nature and really ask yourself some deep questions? If you could accomplish something in this life that would bring you great joy, what would it be? Begin to explore a mission that you may have within.

You know, there are many wonderful books and many wonderful tools out there to help a person describe and get in touch with their personal mission. You see, what we are best at, what comes easiest for us, what we have the most success with, is what brings us joy.

Perhaps you could take some time daily to turn your energy inward and ask yourself to identify a specific mission that would bring you delight.

The next thing Alana would suggest is to begin eliminating distraction. Look at distraction and look at where you spend your time and energy. See if you find yourself spending time and energy in areas that are distracting you from surrendering to what would be joyful. Then begin, one by one, to say no to those things and to take your energy and continue to turn it inward and explore yourself.

As you eliminate distraction, you create greater self-identity and expand your ideas of what is possible. Keep this beautiful energy flowing by continuing to turn towards ideas that excite you. Keep your energy moving by turning towards what you want to create rather than on what you don't have.

Alana feels that these exercises will begin to develop within you a greater concentration of energy moving towards excitement, and the jobs that have come and gone will no longer be attractive. In other words, you will not be attracted to doing something just for the sake of knowing that you can do it, or knowing that it is a field of opportunity where you can get hired.

It is time, dear one, to expand your wings and to expand your sense of self. Alana knows that with the heart that you have, the kindness that exists within you, and the presence within your nature, that there are many individuals out there that would benefit from being in relationship with you through vocational areas. So celebrate, dear one. Alana feels you are on a self discovery! I also feel that there is an ideal job out there that is in alignment with your core mission.

Thank you, dear one, for your question.