Letting Go of Dark, Moving Toward Light

Question: I have found myself in a place where I feel drawn to a certain profession which would allow me to utilize my talents while guiding and helping others. I recently took a trip to Sedona. There I encountered a few individuals who did not know me. They consistently asked me questions that lead me to believe that they were guides giving me a message from a higher power to go for it. I also had a my tarot cards read while I was there. The card reading unveiled that I will be incredibly successful on my career path. Also, that I will combine my healing, teaching, and presenting abilities to reach the masses.

I feel this so deeply in my soul. However, I am blocked. I feel an intense darkness has leached onto me. I have felt this for about five years now. When I try to get started on developing my career I lack follow-through. I physically and emotionally feel drained. The best way for me to verbalize the feeling is that of a dark, still cloud over me. I actually sense that a dark spirit has latched onto me or that I have been the focus of a negative act of some type. Please let me know what feeling you get from this. Please help me break through these chains. Your spiritual guidance is really appreciated.

Answer: Hello, dear one. Thank you for your question. Alana appreciates that you brought it forth and I can feel the dynamic vibrations within you. Your nature is beginning to get glimpses of the power that exists within you. It also feels that your being has many different aspects and parts to your nature. Within those aspects and parts there is some disagreement between them about what success is. There is confusion about what comes along with one's self as these parts rise to their grand being.

So, Alana feels that some of the darkness that exists around you could have something to do with these different aspects of your nature. Some may have explored what they thought success was through observing others. They made some decisions that:

success was connected to power, and determined that power was connected to authority, and authority was connected to suppressing others. Or perhaps, that success could be related to pain.

So, I feel within, you are about ready to shift your whole vibration into moving into your heart and expanding your awareness and the deep core beliefs that may be holding you back fro your light fully shining.

Alana also feels that as you lighten your vibration, by laughing more, and surrendering more to things that feel appealing to your joyful parts, then this lighter vibration will help carry you. It will help redefine some of the aspects that are holding onto the limiting of your successes. So, I really feel that some of this dark cloud wants to shift and is already beginning to shift.

This shift is about helping you determine within you that success is really about sharing light and love. You know, we co-create with energies, yes? We co-create with the energies within us as well. As the energies within us which are sometimes paralyzed or stifled get to see that light, love, and laughter can help them transform and decide to bring more light into them, they can become more functional. These energies will show more willingness to move into the success of what your future looks like it would like to become.

You are already showing signs of your life purpose and your mission. Yes! I feel that as you ...

create a declaration within you,

allow these energies to be present,

bring them into your heart so that they can feel your true essence,

shine love on them,

show them compassion,

recognize that their desire was to keep you safe,

and then embrace them with love...

I feel that they will come along and then will know how to energize you to become the success that your desire so wishes.

So, play with this a little bit, dear one. I do not feel an external vibration has any control over you. I feel that you have all within you that is necessary to support a shift into abundant creativity and success. Thank you, dear one.