Overcoming the Fear of Succeeding

Question: Hello Alana, I have this problem that I hope you can help me with. I'll be 25 this month, and I'm currently taking medication for the depression that I'm trying to over come. I had a breakdown, while attending college, with all the stress of school, not knowing what I really want to do or what I am capable of doing. I recently found out that I have a fear of success. I would rather fail at the things than succeed at them. I was just wondering what I can do to overcome this fear of success. I have no idea what my life purpose is. I would really appreciate some insight to my problem. Thanks for giving me some personal life coaching on this challenging aspect.

Answer: Thank you for your question. Alana is happy that you brought it forth. When I feel the core of your vibration, and go into an essential element that has to do with your fear of success, it feels that it has to do with abandonment issues. This connects to a feeling that you are alone, or the belief that we are separate and not connected to God and the source of all that is.

You see, when an individual does very well and succeeds they can have a fear within them that others will reject them because they are successful. Also, people can have a fear that if they do not succeed they will be abandoned, so they must succeed as well. What Alana is expressing is that this is a polarity. Whether it is, "I have to succeed"' or "I cannot succeed", it is both the same dilemma. It relates to feelings of rejection, which connects with abandonment and the belief that we are separate. This leads to the belief that we are separate from God.

As you begin to strengthen your awareness that we are all connected, begin to develop your intuition a little more by playing with it, and begin to strengthen your spirituality that exists within you will begin to heal some of the confusion that is within your beliefs. Also, as you begin to explore times in your life where you felt abandoned and begin to heal some of those, then this issue about success should lighten and begin to dissolve.

Alana feels that some of your depression has to do with sunlight. Also, some of this could have to do with these beliefs. Some of this could have to do with your diet. And some of this could have to do with the chemistry within you. But gradually, as you begin to recognize that you are connected to all that is, that you have all resources available to you from the ability to be within the now and calling them forth, you will then begin to recognize that you are connected to all that is. You will realize that you are not separate and you will begin to heal.

So, thank you dear one for your question. Alana appreciates that you have a sense of awareness about you and that you are beginning to explore yourself in deeper ways. Because, as you develop your sense of individuality becoming a stronger expression of your light, then this light will direct success to you and the success will be well received. Thank you, dear one.