Releasing Resistance Increases Health and Vitality

Question: I have been cleansing my body gradually as I give up coffee (over a year ago), chocolate (over a month ago), and sugar (just a few days ago). I am really surprised (and then again I'm not at all surprised) that it has been so easy to give them up, especially since I was so dependant on them all.

I have also started, once again, recreating my life every day and allowing what I need to come into it. My question is, what is the key to allowing my life to move into what I am best at so I can make my living that way? I seem to be very reluctant to succeed in my chosen field. I have such a hard time making that step and letting myself grow. I am not into struggling anymore. I know that life has everything you need and all you have to do is to believe, but it seems harder to remember that as I get older. Can you give me some spiritual advice! Thank you.

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for your question. It is wonderful that you are paying attention to your body and recognizing how to fuel it with food that brings more vibrancy, health, and wellness into you. Vitality is important in these times and sometimes substances, especially the sugar vibration, can overload the body and bring about a density to the senses. The more that you pay attention to how you feel when you eat certain foods, while becoming aware of the vitality of your nature, the more your senses will begin to attune themselves to the grand resources within you.

In listening to your question fully, one thing that I hear that is essential is for you to begin to pay attention to resistance. In other words, pay attention to when your body holds tension, or when you feel a sense of resistance in your thoughts. An example would be if you want to go do something, but you catch yourself with a thought that is resisting the action. Go into the feeling of resistance and explore it. Go through an exploration, because the universe cannot bring to you anything that you cannot first allow within yourself. So, if you hold resistance within you, then the universe is going to mirror that resistance back. You have to give to yourself first before the universe can give to you.

Begin by feeling your resistance. Sometimes resistance has to do with collective beliefs. In other words, it is not necessarily a belief that we hold wholeheartedly. It is a belief that we have adopted into our thinking because it is so prevalent within our environment. Pay attention to these collective thoughts (beliefs) that you have merged within your being.

Also pay attention to the thoughts that exist within you that are there because your core nature has accepted them. Sometimes it is a belief that we are not all connected, or that we are separate. Sometimes, it is a belief that there is not enough in the world, and therefore, we do not take action because we believe there is not enough to fulfill what we like. Sometimes we have stubborn parts within us that are afraid to succeed, or to allow ourselves to be all that we can be. So begin to really look at the aspects within your nature that hold resistance. Begin to explore them and observe your resistances in a greater way.

Alana feels that the more conscious attention you place here, the more your resistance is going to allow you to see how to expand your boundaries, think bigger, feel bigger, and allow yourself to be bigger. Think big, dear one! Allow yourself to expand outward and begin to draw to you your grand resources. As this occurs, your resistances will begin to melt away. Thank you for your question.