Core Beliefs

Question: Alana, I would appreciate your spiritual guidance to understand why bad things happen to good people? If you have lived a fairly decent life, have good morals and standards, are always helping others, and have never intentionally or non-intentionally hurt anyone, why would you still (and continuously) encounter so many negative things in your life? Is this Karma? Is it merely a test? Thank you for sharing your wisdom on this perplexing question.

Answer: Hello, dear one! What a grand question this is!

We live in a collective environment, dear one. Therefore, sometimes we are impacted by the conditions that exist within the environment in which we live. If in our lives we walk around with lack of clarity, we can be subjected to the conditions in the environment within which we agree to co-create and co-exist. We can sometimes draw to ourselves situations that are less positive than we would like.

The way to turn this around--the way to begin to attract less confusion or negativity--is to become clearer and more discerning by creating more distinct choices and having a greater sense of self-definition. The more we define who we are and create a distinction of self--holding this vision clearly within--the more our vibration becomes brighter and stronger. The attraction of negativity becomes less and less. Thus, attracting undesired results has a lot to do with the magnetic attraction that occurs when we have too a broad definition of self.

An individual can have a great heart and can want to do wonderful things in the world. However, if they have an unconscious core belief that the world is a fearful place, then that belief-one that they have reinforced over and over again--can suddenly attract negativity to them.

It is important for all individuals to be careful with their thoughts and where they dwell. If they dwell on worry and concern, but still their deeds are about helping others, then they still hold within them seeds that could generate negativity and draw it to them. Do you see?

Alana suggests that you continue to create your self-definition. Continue to examine where your thoughts dwell. Continue to heal beliefs that are rooted in scarcity. Continue to transform the illusory beliefs that negativity, struggle, and chaos are necessary.

Thank you for your question, dear one. Hopefully these ideas will give you some hints, and will help others to simplify their lives and begin to attract less confusion and negativity.

When we do attract confusion, often these situations can help us learn. We can begin to learn more of what we don't want. We can begin to recognize that the way to create more of what we do want is to turn towards what we want, identify it, and embrace it. Sometimes we do need contrast to learn. However, when we recognize that contrast is a learning tool, we can say, "I can learn without contrast!" Then we will eventually create bliss.

Thank you, dear one, for your question.

-- Alana