Inspiration Through Baby Steps

Question: I have made life changes in order to follow my heart. Having come out of an organized religion, I feel that I am at a spiritual cross-roads. I would like non-sectarian spiritual guidance concerning which direction to take in order to feel at peace with myself.

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for bringing your question forth. You know, the time in your life that you exist in now is a very important time because you are beginning to lay the foundation for the future that is ahead of you.

What Alana suggests, dear one, is for you to take baby steps. In other words, consider each day a baby step and as you take these baby steps, lovingly and in nurturing ways invite individuals , experiences, and ideas into your life that align with the way your heart feels.

You see, as we awaken to universal spirituality and gain a greater glimpse that we are love and that God exists within us, we create a greater awareness of the beauty that lies within us. It is like raising a 'baby being' and learning how to gently love them and nurture them and helping them to cultivate their creativity and expression.

So, Alana encourages you to take small steps and each day bring something inspirational into your life that resonates with your heart. Something to inspire you that brings you a sense of excitement and joy. Even if it is just a simple acknowledgement about yourself or an acknowledgement that you see in another. This will support you, dear one, in creating energy within you that will shine brightly. This energy will attract other individuals to you of like mind. It will attract situations to you where you may find that you can do great good in the world.

Alana sees a wonderful journey ahead in your life. I see so much potential and purpose. This shift in your nature and this broadening of your awareness has come about because of the contributions that will be made through your beautiful energy and the joy that you have in your heart.

So, dear one, tenderly and carefully nourish yourself with much compassion and each day invite into your life experiences that support your heart. Thank you, dear one, for your question.