Balancing Career and Health

Question: Alana, I have been unable to work for sixteen months as a result of a bi-polar disorder that was created as a result of several awful tragedies. So depressed and suicidal I had to stay home. I am ready to work now. I have two opportunities to consider and I wanted to know whether either one of these opportunities will be beneficial. Will they happen and will money come as a result?

The first is a technology solution I developed and another company has taken the concept. I haven't heard from them regarding financial payment for the rights. Another company, a young company, wants me to start up the business in their area. For a long time now I have been living with only a tiny bit of money and it is hard on me. I would appreciate any personal guidance you could give me to help me get my career in gear.

Answer: Dear one, thank you for bringing forth such a beautiful question filled with so much compassion. The compassion that I feel comes from the sensing and knowing that you have in regard to your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. In addition how you have grown, learned, and survived through the last couple years of your life.

You now are stepping into a new cycle. This cycle wishes you to first congratulate and acknowledge your strength. Secondly, this cycle wishes for you to keep in touch with your nature. I feel that you have a grand intelligence. I feel that your mind and wit are quite strong. I feel that you are healing from self-judgement. I wish for you to embrace your judgements and understand that they are wishing to lead you to great discernment about what would make you happy.

Life is a dance, as you know, of keeping balance in our physical body with nutrition, and making sure that our environment is healthy. It is also one where we look at our emotions and make sure that those who surround us are supportive and understanding. This is where communication is so important. In addition, it is a dance in making sure that we have fuel for our spirit. Fuel that mirrors back to us, and keeps us in touch with what is our channel to the God's source. It also is a balance of keeping our mind mentally healthy by giving it information to learn and things to do to expand and contribute in the world. So, keep checking in with yourself finding how you are balancing these aspects. You will find as you balance them and make them all a priority, that your outer world will then bring you your financial successes.

It's interesting that Alana is looking at your question and the tangibles of it--meaning looking at your two business questions--but Alana's answer is focusing you on connecting you with knowledge. The knowledge that what will come back to you has much to do with the balance of your internal aspects. From looking within your intention, your question was not really about these two business opportunities. However, if you continue to move into this new cycle--tapping the wisdom within, balancing your nature, and keeping an eye on the parts that feel discounted--you will find that your outer world will begin to mirror this balance. There will be abundance coming to you rather than 'either-or' (just the two business opportunities). I feel that your nature is learning more about your self-worth, is learning more about your heart, is learning more about the feelings that move within you, and what your feelings wish to point you to.

So, be as kind to yourself as you would be to a small puppy that you would take care of. Then you will find that your body will continue to heal and money will be much better.

Thank you, dear one.