Self Care and Time Managment

Question: Alana, my question is about time. I find it hard to manage my day in such a way that I have time for myself.

When I take time for me I feel like I am taking it away from my family. I could use personal guidance to help me better understand this dilemma.

Alana's Answer: This is a very interesting subject for it is really an illusion in one way but in another it is very real.

We do have to get up in the morning. We have our jobs to go to and our duties to do.

It can seem like the twenty-four hours in a day is never enough. Yes, this is a reality!

However, on another level, your dilemma is an illusion. Mysteriously when we learn how to nurture ourselves and take good care of ourselves, guess what happens?

Somehow magically we create more opportunity in the day to be productive. Through self-care and self-love we become more relaxed and then our moments some how expand.

When you are in the middle of an incident or accident it seems like the moments go on forever in that instance. That is an example of how time can be altered.

As we create a place in our schedule for self-care and moments to fill our being, those moments actually create more time.

I wish, dear one, to point you in a direction for receiving greater clarity of what you would like to do with your newly created time.

I can hear your mind go - "Oh, I would do this - or this - or this!"

What I want to ask you, in all the things that you would do, how many of them are for yourself?

That is the big question that I sense in you. Much of your day is filled in doing for others and discounting time for yourself.

Dear one, I wish to assist you with your question by advising you and encouraging you to create fifteen or twenty minutes in each day where you create a ritual.

Then in this time do something that is entirely self-filled. This is not being selfish.

As you do this, what will happen is you will begin to experience that you will find you have manifested more time.

Try it, and see what happens!

Thank you dear one.