Living a Balanced Life

In the following discourse, Alana gives personal coaching for creating balance between all aspects of one's life.

Question: How can I find a balance between my very disciplined, rigorous, and hard working parts and my parts that like to have fun, play, and need to rest?

Answer: So, your question is about balance. It is about finding importance and finding priority in all things that matter to you. Is that your question?

Questioner: Yes, I have parts of me that drive very hard and can work many hours straight. I get a lot done but if I am not careful, I end up being burned out and missing other activities that I enjoy.

Alana: Yes. So what you're saying to me is that those pleasurable items, those that have to do with self-care, are priorities for you but when you get into your creative mode or your productive mode, you lose sight of their priority. Is that your question?

Questioner: That's an interesting way to re-state my dilemma.

Alana: The reason Alana chose to reframe your question was so that you could get a sense of how you operate from priority. Even though balance is a priority, it becomes secondary because of your nature's deeper inner drive to stay focused on a creative project.

One way to assist you here is to develop as much passion within for movement, exercise, rest, and sunshine as you have passion for your creative endeavors. This is what will assist you with creating the balance. You see, we are our natures and we tend to move with our true natures. If your true nature is essentially excited by creativity, this is where your priorities will remain.

By taking a nice walk and experiencing sunshine, you create the fuel to attain the excitement of your creativity in a much stronger and more powerful way. It is your mind that creates separation between productivity and non-productivity and therefore your priority keeps you driven at your desk creating.

I wish to coach you to connect these two polarities, you will see them as one movement.

You will then see that the activities that you used to think were non-productive are actually part of a unified creative process. What I am wishing to do here is to coach your being to see how they all connect and how the part that you view as separate really can feed the whole motion. Then it becomes the same. When you take your walk and you move your body, you are seeing that the movement in your walk is also a part of the creative gesture that you make when you create on your computer screen. Do you get a sense of the feeling of this connectedness?

Questioner: Yes, this is a useful perspective.

Alana: Yes, and your true nature is not negated. This approach embraces your true nature and allows it to thrive. It also embraces the genius within you that knows how to create the connection between each of these things and see that they are all one single motion dedicated towards your goal. It is the mind that tends to divide whole processes into separate pieces. It is the mind that says, "If I do not complete this in this moment and go with the flow of this thought, I will not have it again." It is the mind that says, "If I do not stay with this project and complete it, then perhaps it will not get done. If I do not stay with this project and complete it in this moment, then I may lose my excitement." Do you see?

Questioner: Yes, and all of those thoughts are rooted in fear.

Alana: Yes. Now that you have acknowledged the fear, take a deep breath, and turn toward that which you choose to create. You can say to yourself, "Yes, I am brilliant. I can continue this flow because organically it is within me and I create it through my brilliance in motion. I will nourish my body so that my brilliance will shine even more. When I come back and sit down, I will see that I have still been moving forward on my project while I was on my walk. When I come back and sit down, I will have much more completed from my walk that can continue to flow. Therefore, there has been no interruption."

It is silly to think that your mind would stop just because you took a walk. It is silly to think that your creativity would quit flowing because you sat in the sun. It is your nature to create. Connect your dots. See how they all feed each other. There is time for it all to occur. In other words, sunshine, a swim, nourishing yourself with food, moving your body, stretching--they are all part of the motion of expressing your creative thought. Sometimes you will even find--actually, most often--that by nourishing your senses, by allowing nature to feed you more vibration, your creativity will be heightened. By doing so, clear answers and more responsiveness will come into your body.

My answer may seem long winded but I felt like I wanted to take you in circles. Sometimes spiritual guidance will do that!

Questioner: Circles connect the beginning with end and the end with the beginning. Thank you, Alana.

Alana: You are very welcome. Now get to work! Just kidding.