Motivation and Procrastination in Business

Question: I have a home business career that is doing well. That is what I wanted and worked for. Now that I have it I am bored and want to do so much more. But something holds me back. My motivation feels suppressed. Can you help me understand this? Also, what is motivation and procrastination? Why do we procrastinate. I could really use some career guidance to help me learn how to direct my energy.

Answer: Hello, dear one, and thank you for presenting your wonderful question. Alana would like to discuss the answer to this question in several different parts.

First, I would like to acknowledge you for your business career accomplishements that you have made thus far in developing your business and getting it underway. This is a wonderful accomplishment and something for which you must be quite proud.

Let's think about the energy and state of mind you had prior to moving toward your ambitions and goals for starting your business. I imagine there was a kind of excitement in your nature, a feeling of anticipation, and a bit of mystery too. There was an active part of you firmly committed to your goals while taking actions to build your business. At the same time there were some quandaries as to how everything was going to take shape and manifest.

When we are in growing stages as I just described, there's a lot of energy present. At times we can thrive on the activities and kinds of energy that it takes to imagine and intend. When we get to the place of accomplishing our goals, we can come to a plateau, including an energetic plateau. The purpose of this energetic plateau is for us to acknowledge our accomplishments, regroup, and conceptualize and imagine the next level of attainment. The reason this is so is because our natures are very goal-oriented. We do not like to be at a place where we are not growing, learning, and enriching our beings. When a person attains something they have been working to achieve, it is time to bask in the sunlight and enjoy the accomplishment. The next stage is to take a look at what the next desire for your life could be.

Dear one, you are at a marvelous place. You have completed a very important goal. This result shows that you are beginning a new cycle of growth and desire. Does this mean that your business is not right for you? Or does it indicate that because you have achieved success in getting your business underway, you have outgrown it? Well not necessarily. It may be that you are energetically ready to begin conceptualizing and imagining some new goals, perhaps how your new goals and ambitions could enhance your current business. It also could be that your nature is one that is exceedingly goal-striving. Some individuals are more this way than others. This is why it is so important to develop an understanding of one's passions in life, as it gives us a better understanding of the kind of innate energies that are a part of us.

Now may be a good time for some self-discovery, which will in turn help you understand if you are the kind of person who needs more than one ambition at a time. If so, you may be ready to grow and learn while adding some new skills to your life. It could also mean that you are at a place of conceptualizing and integrating. This state also happens after we attain and begin reorganizing our thoughts to establish the next goal.

Now let's talk about motivation and procrastination. Sometimes these behaviors are a sign that something in your nature is feeling out of balance. Perhaps there is an intuitive part that is slowing things down because it has greater understanding of the timing of things than you do consciously. So procrastination is not necessarily bad. It can be telling you to pay attention, that there is something below your conscious mind that your subconscious or intuition is sensing. If this is so, then this is a place to stop and pay attention. Listen to the underlying energy and what it wants to tell you. Once you embrace this energy, the need to procrastinate, or your lack of motivation, will point you to a path that wishes to evoke your inner resources and help you discover your inner voice. It can help you learn what your nature is trying to teach you. Embrace this energy as a path of discovery. Chances are you will find it wishes to make you more vastly aware of others options, help with appropriate timing, or point out other aspects of your nature that wish to learn and grow in new ways.

I also wish to mention that individuals can sometimes feel like they shouldn't want more than they already have, that they should be satisfied with their achievements. This can create a kind of let down or an empty feeling, especially after all the energy it took to accomplish a goal. Depending on a person's beliefs, this state can be depressing in a way. Understand that this is just a misconception that often is rooted in old beliefs that may relate to doing "religious" or "spiritual" kinds of things. Nonetheless, we are by nature goal-oriented beings. We are on this planet to learn, grow, love, and exercise our beings. We wish to establish our abilities and contribute to the whole. When we hit a plateau it can be a wonderful time to be grateful and to challenge our selves to grow, expand, learn, and embrace more opportunities to express our nature.

Always listen to your feelings, as they do indeed want to point you to something you can learn to value in your nature. Hopefully this answer will give you a little more information about the dynamics you brought up in your question and help you find a place of peace and balance in your life.

Thank you for your question, dear one