Question: Dear Alana, I have been on a spiritual growth path for many years and although I know I have made progress, I still feel stuck in many areas of my life (weight, finances, relationships, career). I sense that my old tapes and old way of thinking is still preventing me from having the life I dream of even though I practice every single day focusing on what I want my life to be like, and so on. Why am I still stuck on so many issues in my life and will I ever see my dreams come true?

I'm sick of being broke, lonely, fat, and doing work I dislike. I want to be financially secure and have abundance in all areas, of my life. I want to have my soul mate in my life rather than be in a relationship that is not nurturing me in any way, shape or form. I want to have a successful career I love. I want to have many like-minded friends in my life. I want to be joyful and at peace. I want to look and feel the best I can possibly look and feel for once in my life. I want to make peace with food and have nutrition and a balanced diet. I want to use food for the correct reasons (to nourish my body) not for other reasons. I want to feel I have purpose in this life and live it.

Will I ever have the joy I seek? Thank you for your insight. Bless you

Answer: Hello, dear one! Alana appreciates the sincerity and honesty within your question and also recognizes that your question is one that many individuals hold within their hearts as well.

We are people who exist on many different levels simultaneously. We have our physical body, we have our mental thoughts, we have our emotions, and we have our spiritual truths. Therefore, your question feels like one of learning how to address all expressions of individuality with a harmonious expression. What Alana means is that I feel that you have been opening your heart spiritually and also expanding your awareness of who you are. This is delightful! Alana feels that you are on a beautiful spiritual journey and as you continue to be aware of yourself, your spiritual nature will continue to blossom and the aspects that are resistant will lighten and allow you to receive more.

Alana feels that on a mental level you have a very good mind. You have a brilliant nature. You are very intelligent, smart, and are adept at many things. On an emotional nature, Alana feels your ability to expand your senses and I feel many aspects of expression, and in full ways. On a physical level, I feel that you have a delightful body, and a body that knows how to embrace health. So, Alana is really encouraging you to recognize that you have all within you to empower what you want to create.

What has happened, is that some of the different aspects of your nature have gotten out of balance. As we heal and direct our natures, we create balance on all levels. When people forget to address the physical by recognizing that it is really a grand aspect of themselves, then they miss something. When people only embrace the emotional, and forget that there is a spiritual level to their being, then they are also forgetting something. Alana is wanting to guide you in bringing into balance all four levels simultaneously.

You can begin by turning towards vehicles, expressions, mentors, or information on all levels that bring you closer to a certain harmonious tone. When looking on the physical, recognize our physical level influences how we feel emotionally. It also influences the ability of our minds to reason and hold thoughts. It makes sense that by addressing the physical elements it will also support and balance the emotional, mental, and spiritual parts of our natures as well.

As we open ourselves spiritually by bringing in more light, it filters down and assists us on the emotional, mental, and physical levels as well. Alana feels that spiritual direction and physical direction ripples through and assists emotional and mental directions. Alana suggests that perhaps you continue with your spiritual expansion and see your life the way you wish it to be. When your mind judges, allow your judgments to be there. Then take this allowing a step further and bring the emotions and feelings that come along with the judgment into your heart. Hold them there aesthetically.

On the physical level begin turning to models that help you understand how the physical body works. This will point you to tools that will help you balance your physical nature. Look at what you eat. Look at what you drink. Look at your water. Make sure that you get enough fluid, and make sure that your body gets enough oxygen. You see, the physical body is like the stars and it needs a certain amount of vibration that is compatible to its natural state. When we put vibrations into our bodies that are denser, or are somewhat foreign, it can throw our whole vibration off. And this will ripple and affect us mentally and emotionally as well.

Now that we have addressed the various parts of your nature independently, so the mind can learn how to create preferences, it is also most important to step beyond the implications of separateness. By sensing your whole beingness as light and information which is capable of bringing full balance to your beingness and at the same time observing your connection with oneness you build a platform for your transformation. In a sense this awareness will assist you in creating a healing grid for inviting manifestation to have a space to occur.

Hopefully Alana has given you some insight and some ideas. I feel that really, dear one, you are not doing anything wrong. Okay?! Keep doing what you are doing, and expand your awareness to bring in more tools that are supportive of you on all of your levels. Thank you, dear one.