Receiving Love

Question: I can't feel love. I feel so blocked and have only experienced fleeting moments of experiencing love. I have never fallen in love or even fancied anyone. I see all the beauty around me, but I just can't feel it, even when I focus my attention on feeling it.

Answer: Hello, dear one. Thank you for presenting this beautiful question to us. We are delighted to have this opportunity to discuss the vibration of love with you. I would first like to mention that love is a vibration that lives within our nature. It is not something that exists outside of us, for it takes our self awareness to recognize it.

Yes, we can look outside and see vast levels of beauty. We can taste something luscious that appeals to our taste buds, and it can translate to a sensation of love. We can gaze into the eyes of small infant that is so dear, and so innocent, and see the outpouring of love from their eyes. But to be able to perceive those things that we see in our outer world that reflect love, we must first find our inner reservoir of love-energy. This is what makes the connection and allows us to feel.

Now, dear one, you speak of not being able to sense love, even when you see beautiful things. Therefore, I would suggest that you go into your nature and begin by exploring your senses. Your senses are what lead you to feel. Your feelings are a part of you, and your emotions are the mental constructs of how you interpret your feelings. So, begin by exploring each of your senses. Go on an exploration and see where the journey leads you.

You may find that you once made a determination on some level, whether it was unconscious or conscious, where you dissociated from your senses. You could have made this choice at a certain age or even in a prior life. A discovery process will help you find out which of your senses are open, enlivened, and operating. If you find a sense that feels dim or shut off, then you may tap into this part of your nature. Find it and sense if it is seeking to control or dissociate you from your sensory experience. If so, you then have an idea where to begin your journey to reconnect to your inner reservoir of love and to awaken that inner sense.

Let me first give you an example of how this could happen. Then we will discuss how to tap into an aspect of the self that is blocked. Let's look at this from the viewpoint of a past life. Imagine you were an individual who was separated from a loved one with whom you were bonded. Perhaps the separation was caused by an accident or a betrayal. When that life ended, you were left with much mistrust and grief. You didn't have any conscious way to heal before you left that life. In your new life, this energy could appear as a blockage, because it was stored in the "cellular memory" of your soul. Until awareness frees up this blocked energy, trust could be an issue. This could show up as a desire to control or even shut down your senses. An aspect of the self could assume that any instance that would recreate a similar situation would also lead to grave disappointment and loss.

This may not be what is going on with you, but for illustration let's say that this is an accurate example. In this case I would suggest that you try some different healing techniques that support the release of blocked energy. This will help enliven the senses too. There are many models to work with such as past life regression, acupuncture, acupressure, emotional tapping, and hypnosis, just to name a few. There are so many wonderful healing techniques. I would suggest exploring one that feels aligned with your belief system. I also suggest you work with an individual that you felt good about, someone who you generally like.

Another thing to be aware of, is that our body, mind, spirit, and heart, are all active expressions of our nature. When any one of these aspects is out of balance, it can affect the whole. So look at all parts of your being. Examine your diet and level of exercise. Is your body being nourished and loved. Look at your food and make sure that your diet doesn't include foods that are toxic for your body (many common foods are). Also, determine if there is enough movement in your day where your body's flexibility is supported? Diet and exercise alone can invoke a chemical response in the body that will help enliven your senses. When people are depressed, it is often because they have chemical imbalances. So one direction is to awaken and balance parts of the body that have become stressed or over-burdened.

Another direction to pursue is becoming conscious of the amount of fear that is held in your belief system. Take an inventory of your current beliefs. Look at the world and the things that are going on in the world. Check into your level of faith. Notice your trust and connection to Spirit, God, the universe, and of course, the trust you have in yourself. By exploring your beliefs, you may unravel core limitations that keep you from feeling the many reflections of love that are eagerly waiting to fluidly flow back into you. Again, there are many wonderful models and techniques to help release limiting beliefs and create new beliefs that are aligned with who you are today.

To address this question fully we need to treat it like a research project into the self. By looking into the emotions, body, spirit, and the heart, we will find our clues. By consciously investigating each one of these areas, we will begin to create awareness. This will open doors so that ultimately the reservoir of love that lies within will be felt. Remember this reservoir is directly connected to Spirit. It is the incredible, loving, creative, vibration of All-That-Is. To find and awaken the sensation of love within your being, you must connect to Spirit. That is the source of the love that lies within and where the heart finds the will to love.

Ultimately, the research I described above is an action of self-love. Creating this response-ability will help you find ways to be supported and move toward deeper levels of feeling. A journey is made up of many small steps, and exploring these steps with curiosity can make the journey very enjoyable.

Thank you for your question.