Worshipping the Goddess

Question: Thank you, Alana, for raising the vibration of love around our planet.

My question concerns the concept of "the Goddess." I have been seeing that term in many sources lately. I sometimes feel like a goddess. Sometimes I pray to the goddess in the reflection of the moon. Sometimes I make an act of ceremony in honor of the goddesses. But, I seem to be doing this by instinct.

What is this bringing to me, in particular, and to other women in general who are experiencing the same? I sense a strong feminine energy emerging from our patriarchal society.

I don't know if you have addressed issues like the passing of Princess Diana, or other Goddess archetypes like her. Her passing still affects me and I'm sure that other women worldwide feel similar when predominate women figures pass on whom seem to hold the image of the Goddess. Somehow I think it's all connected. Am I right? I appreciate your spiritual insight.

Answer: Hello, dear one, and thank you for asking this beautiful question and for your acknowledgement. Alana is delighted to be a facilitator for igniting love around the planet.

Alana's ability to come forth in this way is really a mirror of humankind's desire and intent to be more in touch with the greater resources that lie within their nature. These resources include embracing heart, connection to love, compassion, and understanding.

It also could appear that Alana represents the feminine principle. But recognize that it is not just a feminine principle to be receptive to heart, for heart is a vibration that encompasses all.

A Power within the Goddesses is Balance

Regarding your question, let us first discuss the archetype1 of the Goddess. Within the collective experiences of humankind throughout time, ritual has been very important. When we participate in spirit-full rituals, we are honoring our divinity.

The Goddess-vibration is very ancient within our history. Individuals such as yourself have a deep, innate awareness of the energetic collective patterns of the Goddess light. When you find yourself worshipping the Goddess and seeking to connect with this apparent feminine principle, you are expressing a desire to honor nurturing, mother earth, and the principles that support the sustenance of life.

We are currently in times where there is a visible, strong and external type of vibration that you could denote as more forceful and controlling. The Goddess is a vibration that understands that within vulnerability lies authentic divine power.

Your nature, dear one, like many, is attuned to this sacred knowingness and understands that we need to create balance in the world. By embracing balance and harmony, we can support greater movement and freedom for wholeness and wellness to occur.

The Yin and Yang of the Goddess

The Goddess-vibration that some people worship and focus upon in various rituals, is an acknowledgement of the need for the nurturing of love.

Yes, this principle does have a feminine quality to it. But do not be confused that the Goddess is without balance of what one might call the yin-yang. The Goddess-energy is really quite attuned to the nature of authentic power that contains both feminine and masculine energy.

In contrast, one might think of the masculine and the feminine as being polar opposites, a dualistic relationship. In the Warrior archetype there is a feminine principle, and in the Goddess archetype there is a masculine principle.

You will find that the true warrior does not create war for the sake of war. The Warrior actually symbolizes the strength and courage to support what is truly good; "Goodness" meaning the embrace of universal principles, such as our right to have free will and be creative beings.

Therefore, the feminine and the masculine exist both in the Warrior and the Goddess. The two are similar in many ways. Only in mental interpretation do these two archetypal images become more related to the sexes. Just as in the Goddess and Warrior, so do men and women embrace both the feminine and masculine principles.

Part of the purpose of the Goddess-energy now becoming so revered is that there is now a collective desire in humankind to bring more understanding into the world regarding what peace and vulnerability are able to create for all of humanity.

Archtypes Like Princess Diana

Now let us speak of the beautiful Princess Diana.

The symbolism and roles she expressed were so very purposeful and did acknowledge and embrace the Goddess-vibration. Within her nature there was a great desire to awaken many hearts and shine much light.

Even though her presence is not in the physical world that we can touch and feel, her contributions and her love is very much alive. In the place were she exists now, her work will continue. She is still quite actively interacting in world affairs, and she continues to shine her beautiful light to aid in transformation.

Alana was delighted to answer your question. Again, thank you, dear one, for this splendid question. Alana appreciates that you brought it forth. I wish to acknowledge you for listening to your intuition and tapping into the wonderful reservoir of light within your being, as you keep the Goddess-energy very much alive in the world today.


1 - Archetype - "The original pattern or model after which a thing is made." The Random House Dictionary.