Connecting with Love

Question: How do we feel the love within?

What can one do to connect better with that reservoir of love?

Is it a different feeling than what we know love to feel, already? And how do we truly know if we are connecting with our love inside, or if it's just "ego" telling us we are?

Thank you for your spiritual guidance on this topic.

Alana's Answer: Thank you for your beautiful question! This is a wonderful follow-up question from the answer to the previous question on finding love.

So, how do we truly learn to feel the love that lies within ourselves? Let us spend a bit of time discussing the various states of awareness and what self awareness has to do with this particular question.

When our minds are busy and distracted with our outer world, our state is one of continual questioning, one of response and reaction. It is important to allow this state, and not to numb ourselves from it or discount this busyness.

Rather than stopping there, we can learn to allow our busy mind to be present, without it distracting us from our ability to observe and become aware of our senses at the same time. We can describe this skill as "simultaneous mind-talking and heart-listening."

The first step in recognizing the love-energy that lies within, which leads to eventually tapping into the inner reservoir of love, is to learn how to quiet our being without suppressing, resisting, or being forceful over our incredible mind or our expanse of experiences.

Allow me to provide a simple example:

Imagine that a person is on a crowded subway. Their mind wants to be aware of the time, their location, the people around them, where they want to sit.

Their mind is the active part of their nature. We would not want to suppress this part of of our being because it is purposeful, helpful, and an essential part of our nature.

But, when we are busy, we are not fully engaged in the awareness of our senses. The ability to feel the love-energy within lies in our ability to learn how to quiet our being, while simultaneously allowing our full expression, in any given moment.

The Mind and Heart can dance together as one.

When Alana mentions to quiet our being, remember that our active nature is still engaged. We can develop another aspect of our being that is much like an observer. Our observer is very watchful. It is also engaged, while being aware.

From this place of observation, we begin to notice that we have feelings, and that our feelings go deeper and translate into inner feelings. We begin to sense those inner feelings. We connect them with the space that is in the area of our physical heart.

We begin to be conscious of this space. Then we notice the rhythm of our heart--the physical beat of our heart.

We can also be conscious of an aspect of the Earth.

Perhaps we look out the window and gaze upon a tree. We allow our eyes to gaze over and embrace a beautiful color that we see upon the material of someone's clothing. Then we allow our senses to fill with the vibration of the moment.

As we engage in the moment, aware of our feelings from this place of observation, we move into a timeless space. This timeless space creates a state where our being expands.

Our being becomes expansive, and yet inclusive of a richness that lies within us.

From this place of self awareness we begin to connect with a reservoir of light within our being. This light is the rhythm of love-energy. It is the actual life force vibration, or vibratory energy of our core.

As our awareness expands, we tap into the reservoir of our being more and more deeply.

What is amazing about this connected state is that it is not something that takes us a lot of time. This is a timeless state. It is something that happens in a moment. It takes a gather this inclusive sensation and awareness. The awareness of observation is what catalyzes the ability to reach within our inner reservoir and identify the love-energy that lies within.

Now, you asked if what Alana is describing is a different feeling than what we already know love to be. The only difference is that we recognize that we are not separate from the love. We become aware that this love is within us.

The energy of love is just that: love. And yes, it seems like love takes many forms.

When we describe love as something outside of ourselves, then it actually is a more diluted vibration. The difference is that the quality, pureness, and richness is at times lost to some degree because our awareness places us outside of ourselves.

Isn't it delightful to know that we can reclaim the love we felt was outside of ourselves? Isn't it wonderful to realize that this beautiful energy is truly an aspect of our inner nature?

How do we know that what we feel love to be is truly love? What is interesting is that our mind will never truly know. Why? Because our mind is the questioner.

How do we come to know love? We honor our feelings and the "Isness of love." We come to know the expansiveness that we can now feel within.

Our beautiful "ego" is the part of us that may have forgotten that we are love. We are the love which we seek.

When the ego identifies with love, it will feel that if the object of its affection is removed, it will be alone.

We can truly experience love when we recognize that the love we feel is generated from inside of ourselves, rather than our dependency on whether we have love in our life that comes from something other than ourselves.

Thank you, dear one, for these beautiful follow up questions. Alana encourages everyone to experiment with the sensation of what it is like to look outside of ourselves and experience the busyness of the mind; to practice pretending that we have an observer that is viewing our being by going into our senses and into the present moment while identifying an expansive feeling in our nature.

Now... from this place...we can allow ourselves to experience an incredible journey. The path of joyful practice ahead will take us to the inner reservoir of love that lies within us.

Remember, practice is what will assist each of us in developing this awareness. Eventually we will know a place within that we can experience as the "home" within our being.

Thank you, dear one.