Finding Love

Question: How do we find love in life?

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for this question. Alana would like to begin answering your question by referencing the nature of one's self. Finding love in life is a direct relationship of one's ability to find it within one's self. When we look in the outer world and feel a sense of joy and love within, it is because the things that we identify with in the outer world are actually mirrors of the love and joy that lies within our own heart. Often people get confused by what is really happening. When they share affection with someone new, or when they're involved in something that makes them feel really good, they get confused and tend to give the responsibility of what they are feeling to the object of their affection. Once they do this, they transfer these wonderful feelings from within to their outer world. When the object of their affection is removed from them, they feel a void. They feel that the love they identified with was lost or displaced. So, it is very important to remember that love is a reservoir that lies within each and every being.

I'll now define in a little more detail what a mirror is to help you understand what I am referring to. A mirror is an outward reflection of something that lies within one's self. An external mirror is an energy or a manifestation of an internal value or quality. By exploring your inner nature through self awareness, you begin the process of learning how to experience love's energy in your life. You can learn to tap into the reservoir of love within, the energy of the universe, God, All-That-Is.

When a person becomes aware and begins to move into that quiet space where they can feel the expansion of their heart, and then take steps to experience the love of their inner self, they begin to unravel this mysterious ball of energy that defines their individualistic expression. As we learn how to embrace our authentic being, the outer world begins to mirror the core of our being, the seed of love within us. Then the mirrors that we continually see without (externally), remind us of the many loves that lies within our nature.

Finding love in life begins first with recognizing how to travel to the well that lies within. Then the outer manifestations come forth and mirror that inner love.

When an individual feels lonely, or like they are without this wonderful feeling, or that their life is not bringing them the soul mate they are looking for, this is a reminder to first look within. They must start by identifying a spark of love that lies within them. They must concentrate on this energy within them. As they do, eventually their inner light will shine brightly. Then the outer world can begin mirroring the love, rather than mirroring back a fixation on lack.

So, dear one, finding love within is the door that opens to finding love in the outer world's experiences. It is what promotes the ability for attracting deeper and deeper levels of it within one's life. Recognize that all the experiences of life are really mirrors of your nature. The individuals that you come across who make you feel the best of life, are really mirroring aspects of you. Give yourself credit for the feelings that you have. Know that because those feelings come from you, you can create them again, and again, and again. Focus on the love within, and it will show itself to you without.

Thank you, dear one, for your beautiful question.