Power of our Dark Side

Question: I use Tarot Cards to facilitate guidance from my higher self and to affirm my intuition. I keep getting the message that I need to accept the dark side of myself, that dark side energy is neither good nor bad, and doing so will help me open up great creative energy. Isn't the dark side comprised of my fears and judgments of what is right and wrong? Any guidance is deeply appreciated. Thank you!

Answer: Thank you for bringing forth this wonderful question. It is very delightful that you are spending time reflecting and learning how to develop your intuition as you move deeper into your intuitive and psychic abilities. When we begin to tap into this wonderful reservoir that lies within us, it brings to us greater resources of knowledge.

Now, what does the dark side have to do with who we are? What is the dark side? What does the dark side of our nature lead us to within ourselves?

By asking these questions, it could presuppose that we are split; that we have a light side and that we have a dark side. The truth of this question is that there is an illusion that we are split. The illusion is that the light side is good, whole, and bright, while the dark side is gloomy, controlling, bad, and even evil.

When you go to the essence of darkness and lightness, you will find they are co-creative energies and they exist without polarity. The polarity comes from the mental reasoning that takes place through wanting to separate them. The true distinction is that they are interdependent. You cannot have light if you do not have darkness. You cannot have darkness if you do not have light. This does not equate to a polarity, because one is not more or less than the other. Lightness and darkness are aspects of one another, creating wholeness. Within light, you find darkness. Within darkness, you find light.

When we go into one's darkside, we enter a space that you could equate to the womb. Another metaphor would be going into the soil where things grow.

Now let's talk of creativity, dear one. When you think of the darkside, think of it as a deep, dark well of water where information (light) is stored. Darkness is not the information. Darkness is the space that contains information. Therefore, the darkness is where creativity thrives and is birthed. From emptiness all things manifest. Darkness is the space that contains the nutrients. It holds the resource essences that fuel manifestation when a spark of knowledge (light, information) is ignited.

Without the darkness, we would not have light. Without the light, we would not have darkness. They are co-creative aspects of one another.

Another thing to think about is how the mind has the tendency to want to judge. But I would not necessarily say that darkness is judgment. That would be like saying our mind is dark. I would say that judgment has a deeper intention to gather more information (light, knowledge) if we truly listen. I would say by going into darkness, you will find the space in which you can begin to uncover and discover what is there for you to create from.

When a being becomes balanced in life--full and aware--it is much like walking on an edge. Here you are able to embrace both dark and light by allowing them to be present, balanced, and in synthesis. Then, knowledge and wisdom can be imparted to fuel creativity.

So, dear one, embracing the dark side does not mean being bad, or evil, fearful, or living only your judgments. It means allowing yourself to go deep into the well of existence. This place is where creativity begins and where the imagination (information, light, knowledge) is stored. It is where dreams are created. In darkness you find the stored fuel that wants to be combined with the resources of your heart--wisdom and light--to ignite creativity and gather, of course, love.

Thank you for this great question.