Self Awareness

Question: I do not seem to be able to remain in the present.

I am always worrying about the past or fantasizing about the future.

I feel incomplete without a romantic relationship. I know this is not true, but I still feel like my life is on hold all the time.

How can I develop the consciousness to stay present and have the self awareness to enjoy the reality of my life?

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for your question. This is a wonderful question, and it certainly is a dilemma that many people go through: How to have self awareness to be in the moment!

When we are in the moment, we pull in all of our resources and we become a creative channel.

When we are in the past, we are separated from our power.

When we worry about the future, we are also suggesting that we are without power.

So, dear one, you can begin by creating some type of reminder. It can be placing sticky notes all over that say, "I am in the now." Or it can be placing a rubber band around your wrist and having it to play with. This way when you catch yourself worrying, you can grab the rubber band and twist it. What I am trying to say is to create a tool in the physical that helps you pay attention and become conscious of the fact that your thoughts could be wandering into the past or future. If you like, create an intention to continue returning to the present moment, right…now. The power of intention will make a difference.

It also feels like your question is, "How do I explore a way to hold intention?" Once you become more conscious and once you create a visual reminder in your environment (like a sticky note or rubber band), you can say, "Okay, let me pull my thoughts back into the now." As you do this, what will begin to happen is you will get a feeling in your body of what it is like to have your resources present. You will start to get a sense of having more vitality and more energy available to your senses. Then you can begin to consciously direct your energy.

Really, we do two things: We react or we create. When we are in the past or the future, we are reacting. When we are reacting, we are without power. Powerfulness and connection. Do you see? When we are in the present, we are creative because we have our inner resources available. They are there to begin to charge our ideas and our thought forms.

Dear one, here's a little hint: The more your vibration can be in the now, the more vibrancy will fill you, and the easier it will be to attract love. When you are in the now, holding your thoughts in the present, a youthful vibration comes into your body, and also it energizes your nature. When this happens you can think more clearly about what types of creative actions you want to take. This leads to deeper self-discovery. This leads to a stronger sense of individuality. This brightens your light, which helps people (like soul mates) find you.

We have an agreement when we come into our body and being, to bring to us vibrations that are compatible to us. By finding your sense of self within you, your vibrations will find you as well. We talk of this subject quite a lot in our "Soul Mate Connections" series. If you want to learn more, this is another wonderful information source you can explore.

Alana appreciates your question. It is one that many do ponder. Alana is happy to share these words, because I feel that when we move into the now, our resources are readily available. Thank you, dear one.

-- Alana