Question: Alana, sometimes I get so sad because my family of origin is so dysfunctional. Often I feel that the only other member who I can connect to is my sister. Why did I choose to incarnate into this family and have I learned the lessons I needed to from this experience?

Answer: Hello, dear one. First of all recognize that many vibrations that hold a frequency of light as you do often decide to incarnate in families that are of a different vibration, including dysfuctional families. Sometimes the family members may seem less conscious of how their actions and responses impact others. And yet within the collective of the family there is a purposeful dynamic. What Alana is attempting to say, dear one, is that your parents are still the ideal parents. They bring experiences into your life for you to see, through contrast, who you really are. And at the same time, you are able to give them a different perception by living your light. This is a co-creative exchange which spiritually encourages developing consciousness.

Many angelic vibrations like yourself, dear one, have taken on a big, huge chunk of responsibility. What Alana means by this is that you have decided, in being the light that you are, that you will be an example to others how to be true to yourself and follow your heart's truth. There is a dynamic that invokes healing through this expression.

When young individuals take on this responsibility, it is quite difficult at times. But, dear one, in the times that we are in now we are creating a huge transition on the planet. Sometimes beings volunteer for situations like yours, being born into a soul family that isn't necessarily the family of our own vibrations.

Alana wishes to encourage you to just keep your eyes open. As you meet individuals that feel more like your own vibration, connect with them. You see, there are many people that feel like the "black sheep" of the family. You may feel like you are one also. So blessed are the individuals that stand out within the family because they do leave an impression that makes others think, examine, and eventually become more conscious.

Your sister vibration feels as though she is within a similar soul family. The two of you will continue developing your relationship. Even though you have some differences in opinions, it feels that your hearts have a bond.

So, hopefully this answered your question a little bit. Celebrate the feeling within you that you are different. Celebrate the feeling that you have some distinct expressions within yourself that desire more love, more joy, and more clarity. You are delightful, dear one. Thank you so much for taking the time to ask your question.