Question: I would like you to speak about death and eternity. I am 77, and my husband is 93. We both want healthy longevity, yet we are aware that our time here is getting shorter and shorter. I have been told that this is my last experience as a human, but that I will have work to do, none-the-less, when I move on. Would you please comment, and possibly elaborate, on this? Will we get to continue to work together? Are there any special preparations we should be making?

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for your question. Alana feels that this is a very important question. In the cycle of life, death, and rebirth that people have been in for so many existences, there is preparation that can be made to help bridge from one existence into the next. Just as we prepare to be born when we are an energy that is non-visible, we can also prepare in the physical for our existence of being non-visible again.

So, dear one, Alana wishes to acknowledge you for bringing up this question. It is not one upon which many ponder. What you can do to prepare for the move into the non-physical, is to make peace with the life in which you currently exist. Seek ways to create comfort with the past. In other words, invite into your body a sense of peace about what you have accomplished, the lessons you have learned, and the choices that you have made. Create an awareness of your heart's nature. This will create a space of light within you. When it is time to move to the other side, you will move with ease. When you do your work on this side, you don't have to spend much time healing and creating clarity about the judgments that you made of yourself once you move to the other side. Do you see?

When you move to the other side and have an awareness that is quite clear, doing so is just a step out of the body. The progression occurs quite rapidly. In other words, when you get to the other side you are eager to move on and continue to pursue your soul's growth and evolution.

Yes, dear one, we can move out of the death-birth cycle. We can move into the non-physical realm, become grand spiritual beings, and decide to stay non-physical. There will be a time in the existence of human nature where our beings will be grand spiritual beings that can also become dense enough to walk upon the planet and express in a physical way.

As we move into the non-physical when we are still within the birth-death cycle, we continue to develop our soul, learn, and express. We even create vocations. In other words, we create specific purposes in which we choose to express to continue to educate ourselves. This makes a difference in the collective of all.

Dear one, Alana feels that you will move intuitively and immediately into an expression that will light the way for you. Yes, dear one, you will find others around you who are on a similar soul journey. They will also come into expression with you and you will be able to continue together. Your beings will work together, do things together, express together.

Just hold an intention in your heart, and your intention will be found. It is as easy as this, because we are just a thought away from each other, whether we are in the physical or non-physical realms. We are just a thought away. Our thoughts are magnetic energies that attract. Do you see?

Just keep doing what you are doing. You are swell.

Thank you, dear one.