Creating Affirmations

Question: I enjoy reading the questions and answers on your website and I find them quite helpful. Self-love is so important and can be very confusing. I would like to ask a simple question for myself. What affirmation can someone state everyday that would help them clarify that they truly do love themselves? I'm sure we could all benefit from this one. Thank you for listening.

Answer: Hello dear one. Thank you for this question.

Yes, affirmations are very powerful and wonderful. They are like gifts that we give to ourselves. You know, dear one, the more that we care for ourselves, and the more love that we place within our natures, the fuller we become. If we want to contribute in the world there isn't a better way than filling up our vessel; Filling up our own individual being, so that we have fuel within us. Then we have energy to able us to contribute to others. When we are half full, we have much less energy for being conscious and less energy available to give to others. So I do appreciate this question.

Now, in hearing your question, I feel what an individual can first begin with, is getting in touch with their essence.

Feel your soul and get a sense of what brings you happiness. It could be that happiness is gazing at a beautiful sunset. It could be that happiness is watching children playing. Happiness could be taking your dog for a walk. Get a sense of what it feels like to be engaged in happiness.

Next, bring this energy into your body. Once you feel connected with this energy you can begin to formulate an affirmation. You can begin to formulate a thought because your mindset will be at a place to allow your affirmative tone to come into your body.

Now, when you make your affirmations always make them present tense and active. Words with "ings" on the end of them are very delightful. This is because your subconscious, and your full nature, hears them as something that is active. Your subconscious can then take an action towards what you are affirming, and can incorporate the words. This is different than "talking to" the subconscious. When you are talked to, your subconscious hears the words differently. Words that are past tense aren't necessarily a tone that you can incorporate.

You can say something like, "As I am breathing, I am breathing in love because I deserve to have vitality moving into myself." You see, what I am saying is to make the affirmation something that can be incorporated within the movement. It is a creative statement.

Now another thing an individual can do as they create affirmations, is to look into one's life and see where the most encouragement is needed. It may be wanting encouragement in recognizing that one can receive. So, what they might say is, "As I breathe in air, I am breathing in the ability to receive love." Or they can say, "As I receive love, I am giving out compassion." Create a circular vibration. Something that comes in and something that goes out. Create movement within your affirmations.

Some affirmations that Alana feels are delightful are ones that connect individuals to All That Is. This approach helps them to realize that they are not separate.

We have ALL resources available to us.

You could say, "The more I express who I am, the more love that is coming to me because I am connected to all that is." You see? Have fun playing with sentences and words that make you smile. Find joy in bringing the vitality and energy that is connected to the words into your body.

Another good phrase could be, "The more that I am expressing who I am, the more love that enters my life. Or, "While I am expressing who I am, love is coming into my life." Or perhaps, "While I am expressing who I am, love is there for me." You see?

Enjoy playing and just have delight with this. Alana appreciates your question very much.


Note from Kirk: Here are a few examples of how to formulate affirmations so that they are present tense active statements:

  • Instead of "I have money" you can say "I am creating more than enough money each and every day."
  • Instead of "I am loved" you can say "My relationships grow more loving each and every day."
  • Instead of "I have a job I love" you can say "I am loving my job more and more each day."
  • Instead of "I am happy and life is easy" you can say "I am finding happiness every day as life gets easier and easier."

Try saying both statements to yourself and feel which one your body accepts more readily. You will most likely find the second statement is easier to accept. The first statement feels more command-like (what Alana meant by being "talked to"). The subconscious mind is more apt to negatively react if it hears it as an untruth, and thus dismiss integrating the statement as a new belief.

Another point to remember when doing affirmations is to acknowledge that the universe is fully able to take care of the details for you. Sit back and take notice of the synchronicities that appear while holding in mind, "This or something better, with the highest good for all" as part of the formula.