Question: In searching for a new career, I have been trying to look within and find what I truly enjoy.

I have gotten excited about several interests but then quite suddenly lost interest in pursuing them as a career. In the meantime, my two current part-time jobs have drastically decreased in income, so I really need to experience prosperity again to pay some bills. I'm trying to stay calm but wondering how to start up the flow of income and prosperity in my life until I find my ideal career. Do you have any career guidance or advice?

Answer: Thank you, dear one, for coming forth and bringing your question. Alana is excited that you have been sensing and feeling possibilities. By doing so it helps direct energies your way. Alana is also excited that you have been paying attention to what Alana likes to call your "excitement meter". It is a place within you. When you attract possibilities you can feel their alignment with your nature. You see, something that vibrates at a ten--on a scale of one to ten--is very exciting. Yes? Something that vibrates at a two is "so-so". As you align with the possibilities, sense them and feel them. Then move in a direction that excites you. Alana wishes to acknowledge that you are paying attention.

Now, Alana would like to discuss the dilemma with your two part-time situations. Sometimes things begin to fade into the background to help us create greater commitment and dedication in bringing forth our deeper heart's desire. Trust that you are in a process. I bet if you look back within your life, you will recognize that you have never really fully been without what you needed. So, trust this. Trust yourself here. Trust that you are in a transition and that you will be provided for. Your dilemma is like having one step ahead and continuing to look behind your shoulder at the same time. So, keep your focus, dear one. Keep your energy revving. Keep your vibration attentive to what you wish to create.

When doubt or fear steps in, take a nice big breath. Breathe it in and then redirect your energy. You see, you are learning how to create. You are learning how to be powerful, filled with love, and filled with a sense of one's self. Self-love is power.

Now, lets focus on your question about abundance and manifestation. As you continue to direct your thoughts and energy, hold faith and trust and you will continue to bring forth possibilities. I bet you anything that you will attract opportunities to earn more income. We take baby steps. Yes? Then at one point, there is a leap. Then we take a few more baby steps.

Alana senses that you are getting ready for a big leap. Alana also senses that as you focus on what you desire while holding your vision, opportunities for you to earn more than you ever have before are quite possible. As one door closes, many doors open. Keep your faith. Keep your heart and ears open. Hear possibility and sense with your heart what will bring happiness to you. You are ready soon, dear one, for this leap. Hold your faith.

Thank you, dear one.