Manifesting Abundance

Question: I grew up in a very large (15 children all together) chaotic household. It was, for lack of a better term, dysfunctional. Although I have done much work to change my life, my circumstances continue to be that of very little money. I wonder what blocks I have that keep me from living a better lifestyle?

Answer: Hello dear one! Thank you for bringing forth your question. It is one that has a very clear desire within it. One in which Alana can sense and feel the strength within your character and the devotion within your heart. Alana senses that when you were small, and a child growing up within a family of so many, there was a significant message created as an impression in your being. This significant message is one that you continue to reference even when you feel your strongest. It is not that you reference this message by necessarily saying that you believe this thought, it is that you reference it on a deep level.

It feels like this message has a lot to do with the belief that there is not enough to go around. Therefore, if there is not enough to go around, then there must not be an abundance. Prosperity must not fully exist. If there is not enough to go around, then you must continually share. You must share in the way that you don't receive as much because you must give to another.

Alana feels that as you unravel this belief which is hidden in the depths of your nature and begin to give yourself more care (meaning love, meaning time, meaning attention), you will begin to build up a reservoir in your nature. This will add to you strength in a new way. The strength in your character that Alana has felt, has been very courageous with much determination. But the strength that Alana is talking about now is recognizing how to tap into the source and how to tap into the abundance that exists within nature. This prosperous energy is ours through divine right. What will happen is you will begin to distinguish a difference between when you tap into your own courageous nature, will, and determination and use your life force energy to create, or when you just allow the vibration of God or the universe--however you wish to phrase it--to move into you and create from this place.

You see, Alana is demonstrating ways to fuel your life force within you rather than your determination and courage tapping out your own energy. So, self-love begins to open a new dimension within your nature. This tells the universe how to give more to you.

Now, another thing Alana wishes to suggest is for you to begin to reflect into the world ways in which abundance mirrors itself back to you. If you go and connect with nature and look at how many different types of leaves there are, is this not amazing? If you go and look at how many different plants there are, it is truly amazing. In this same way you have these creative resources within you and you can tap into them and channel and create abundance within your life.

You have an elemental core vibration that exists within you that has, I want to say, kept you at a certain status. As you redirect this energy you, will recognize how to create breakthroughs in your nature by channeling the energy, vitality, and abundance of the universe into your life. This way you will not feel so over-tasked or overburdened by wanting the things that you want. You see, your nature still feels that someone has to go without. Continue to turn towards that which you choose to create as you align with the light of love within you and this will be a fuel that will assist you.

Now also, hold others able around you. You were taught at a very young age that you had to take care of others and that they were dependent. Well, if you allow this to be a primary thought then what will occur is others will be less than you. You will have decided that you are more then they are. So again, here we have scarcity or we have "less than". So hold them able and empower them to make their own decisions. Empower them to be abundant themselves, you see. This will release the co-creation or codependency, as one might call it, and the dynamics within will be released and rearranged.

Hold others able. As you do, you allow them to gain clarity. You also allow them to develop their own strength and tap into the God vibration. Then they can bring it through themselves rather than recognizing or thinking that the God vibration comes from another individual. (That they must get it from that individual first, you see). The God vibration is in every individual but by going to the source primarily, we find our innate abundance.

So dear one, you have done so well with your tools. Your heart is vast and your nature is wise. You have just been in a small loop, a loop of creating over and over with a belief in "less than". So now lets sling shot by embracing the knowingness that all is here for us and we can bask in abundance. In knowing this, you can begin now to make choices in a new way. Create through baby steps. Be patient with yourself. Each day bring something into your life that brings you joy. It does not have to be of monetary value. It can just be something that soothes your heart. Something that mirrors to you delight. As you take a baby step each day, you will build a new energy. The universe will hear this and will continue to give you this new vibration.

Thank you very much for your question dear one. Alana wishes you wellness, wellness within your nature to connect with all that is.

-- Alana