Question: I seem to have a money issues these days. I pay money to charity each month, which I like doing, and I also pay my bills. But yesterday I actually had to visit a food bank because I didn't have enough to go around this month. Can you please offer me some wealth building insight and why this happens to me?

Answer: Hello, dear one. Alana appreciates your question and I want to thank you for bringing it forth. The topic of money and prosperity is quite a vast one. We could write a book on this subject! However, today I will provide a few suggestions that will help release lack as well as ignite greater flows of energy from which to manifest.

In feeling your situation it seems that you are growing, learning, and implementing new aspects of yourself. As a result, there may be some reorganization in your energy. I am delighted to hear that you are contributing monetary support to charities, as this is an extension of your heart and your heart's desire to give.

I wish to also acknowledge that there are many ways we can contribute or "tithe." If we find that our pocket book is a bit slim for a month or two, there are other ways to contribute rather than giving money. Since money is a form of energy, we can find ways to contribute other forms of energy that are also of value. Volunteering for an activity, or doing something where our skills and talents are appreciated, are quite equal energetically. Recognize that appreciation is also a sign of great contribution. It is a signal that expended energy has translated into a charitable contribution, and it is relative to the extension of money; it is a very similar equation. There may be times when contribution on a material level may be difficult, so a person can look for other ways to contribute where appreciation is also rendered in return.

It is also wonderful that you have visited the food bank. This exchange is an example of the balance of giving and receiving. They are really one and the same, as they make up a formula. When you allow yourself to receive, you are supporting another in giving. When you give, you are supporting another in receiving. This is something to embrace: giving and receiving are a form of abundance when they are balanced in one's character.

Let's also talk a little bit about the preconceived beliefs about the separation of spiritual wealth and material wealth that are stored within the collective. A deep healing wants to occur in many individuals, and I wish to illustrate this principle for our many readers, since many people are confused about this topic. Some people think to be spiritual they must not receive monetary support for things like counseling or providing services that are not within the "usual business" of society.

This dishonoring of contribution actually creates a bigger gap in the separation of our authentic nature and our god-self. It is important to recognize that monetary support is a form of spirit and energy. Energy wants to be reciprocal. Energy is what supports a person's ability to be authentic. When we allow ourselves to contribute a skill we have learned that can benefit others, we are creating an exchange. And money, services bartered back, and appreciation, are all signals that a balanced and fair exchange has taken place.

It is important that we heal this sense of separation where the collective devalues their services, gifts, or contribution by not allowing the universe to contribute energy back to them. Often the optimal way energy can be contributed back is through monetary support. Therefore, it is important to put a value on our contributions. Money is just another form of energy, and it wants to circulate.

Of course, when we worship money solely as the end result, we miss the point and this creates a lot of internal confusion and stress. This sets a person up to never achieve true abundance because they are not engaging with an authentic element of nature. Money is a byproduct of the interactions of the exchange itself. Be sure and acknowledge the value of your contributions and acknowledge what you would like to receive in return that is reflective of your contribution. Understand that vast levels of money, or other forms of abundance, will automatically show up as forms of the manifested exchange of that energy.

Another thing to consider when in an impoverished state is that we sometimes create a stress situation to provide ourselves with a wakeup call. A wakeup call is similar to an unconscious realignment of one's enthusiasm. If your light feels a little dim in life, or the actions you are taking in your career and life purpose direction aren't exciting, it could be the withdrawal of monetary support is calling forth a realignment of your zest, light, and brilliance. This wakeup call can help in the realignment of your greater levels of internal enthusiasm. When you are enthusiastic about your work, you become a magnetic force. This force will attract greater levels of appreciation and support.

The subject of enthusiasm also reminds us to pay attention to our various levels of thinking. If a person dwells in scarcity, and their thoughts are strongly attached to the limitations in their life, this also sets them up to attract more scarcity. For instance, if they often think that they don't have enough, that statement becomes their mantra. It becomes their rhythm and the vibration in which they spin. This kind of "lack mantra" will pull in more situations to mirror that thought. So again, sense how important it feels to find genuine internal enthusiasm. If your light feels dim, then rekindle aliveness and pay attention to where your thoughts dwell. If you are dwelling on, "I don't have," then begin to look to the things that provide life, inspiration, and ignite possibility. This practice will become your new mantra for abundance.

When you receive something that delights you, let the universe know. Say a thank you, acknowledge what was received, and show appreciation. Say, "Thank you universe. This delights me. I would like to have more of this." This way a clear signal is sent to the universe. Then sit back and watch how energetic contributions come back. They can come back in many forms. Monetary support is one form, just as a helping hand can be another.

Also, check within and see how willing you are to receive. Some individuals are impoverished because they are much more comfortable in giving than they are in receiving. They may be too shy to show gratefulness when they do receive. The more comfortable you are with receiving, the more the universe can contribute to you. Allowing greater levels of receptivity and saying thank you affirms to the universe that you would like to have more!

Alana hopes this discussion has given a little insight into the ways people can attract lack or create a diminished sense of abundance. By implementing a few of these suggestions, a person can realign their prosperity attitudes and support an energetic shift for allowing greater levels of support, prosperity, and love.

Thank you again, dear one, for this lovely question.