Question: Is lack of abundance sometimes necessary as a life's purpose? I seem to go around in circles, and never get ahead. I am generous and caring as a person, but getting by is a struggle, no matter how I direct my thoughts, to pay the bills and just live. I desperately have been seeking my own answers spiritually, but without insight. I am having a hard time staying positive. Can you give me some prosperity advice for becoming more prosperous and so I can get out of this unproductive debt cycle?

Answer: Hello, dear one! Thank you for your question. Alana would not necessarily say that a life purpose is about not having abundance, but Alana can say that sometimes individuals learn through contrast. Contrast can be a great teacher. In this case, dear one, I feel that the lack of abundance in your life has come from many different things. I will try to touch on the essentials.

First of all, Alana feels that you are a very generous person and that you give much of yourself. Plus, you have a family that has many, many needs. Therefore, you are in a collective environment sharing with others and you are a very nurturing individual.

You may have a feeling, or let's call it a belief, that is very subtle, that says, "I must always give of myself. Therefore, I do not have enough." Would you like to go within and find some of your core beliefs? Alana feels that there could be a belief that there is not enough love. Alana also feels that there could be a core belief that the world is not a fully abundant place. You can play with these ideas a little bit.

When we have lack in our environment, it can be a great teacher. We begin to learn how to love ourselves more and find ways how to hold others as able. Perhaps you could delegate some of the responsibilities that you take on to others and hold them response-able (responsible with no blame). This will lighten your load. As you start to feel that you have a little more freedom, Alana thinks that this freedom will begin to manifest into forms of abundance in subtle ways.

I think the lack you are experiencing also has something to do with freedom. When you feel you have a little more freedom, I think you are going to find that you also can get other needs met that will represent new forms of abundance. As abundance comes in these other forms, and as you begin to feel them, meditate on them and notice them more. Your thoughts will begin to focus on what you do have. As your thoughts focus on what you do have and you begin to receive more, your thoughts of abundance will expand. Then money will also come.

I also want you to look at the amount of creativity that you allow to flow through you. In other words, how often do you do things for yourself just because you want to? The more that you allow forms of creativity to move through you, the more abundance you can attract. Often when we lack abundance, it is because we have resistance within us--resistance to allow ourselves to do something that we want to do.

Hopefully these thoughts will provide you some prosperity tips to ponder. Alana appreciates your question, and perhaps we will do a grand topic, or series, on this very question.

Thank you, dear one. I appreciate your question.

-- Alana