Prosperity Ritual for Abundance

Question: My husband and I are in a very difficult financial situation. He does not have a full-time permanent job and I am working part-time. We have so many bills to pay and our combined income is barely enough to get by. Will my husband find full-time employment with benefits, despite his age of fifty-five? In general what will our future together be like? My husband desires to start his business again, but will somebody trust and help him by lending him some money? He went bankrupt two years ago. Sorry for so many questions but we are in a very low point in our lives with our finances and we desire some answers from you to help strengthen us.

Answer: Hello, dear one! Alana appreciates your question and is delighted that you brought it forth. In listening to your question, Alana feels much distraction in your life. In other words, there are many different energies spinning around the two of you. Sometimes, when an individual feels pulled in so many different directions by so many other people around them, it is hard to really stay focused and have a concentration of directed energy for a specific goal.

Alana feels it would be wonderful if you and your husband would create an abundance ritual where the two of you spent time identifying what you would really like to create. In other words, create a manifestation ritual where you take time and devote your energy and thoughts to developing a plan. To create this plan, the two of you could sit down together and discuss what you would like your future to look like. Discuss what would be ideal for you. Spend as much time on this as you can. Really think together, brainstorm and identify ideas and scenarios that would please you. This creates a powerful intention. When two individuals focus thought like this together, it creates a vibration and a powerful energy for prosperity.

You see, we manifest things in our life in direct relationship to what we think about. When the two of you unite your thoughts and intentions, the outer world begins to support you in greater ways. Alana also feels that by doing this, you will begin to simplify your lives. You will begin to let go of things than compromise you from time to time. You will also help each other build self-esteem. You will help each other recognize the gift that lies within each of you, as well as the talents and energies that you both have.

Also, look at your past. Look at all the wonderful things that you have accomplished and where you have contributed. Remember to validate them, give them consideration, and recognize that all of the skills and talents still lie within you. Why wouldn't the world want to be benefit from what is within you? It does. It is just waiting for you to declare, recognize, and confirm that this exists within you.

So, dear one, spend some time together discussing what your ideal life could look like, and then open up with some possibilities. Expand your senses to allow what is possible, and then begin to pay attention as opportunities come to you. See if they are in alignment with your values, needs, and your desires. Do not compromise things just to get by. In other words, expand your consciousness and your belief in possibility, and hold your thought and vision and see what shows up.

Alana feels that you can be a grand team together by supporting each other in achieving success. Remember, as you succeed, enjoyment will come into your life because pleasure and joy are elements of success.

Thank you, dear one, for your question. Alana hopes that these suggestions will be guides to help you achieve wealth. Thank you, dear one.