Question: For the past ten years or so, I have been doing inner work to understand why I stay in debt and am unable to spend money wisely, so that I can have money to save and be debt free. I have gone within on many occasions and asked for guidance, but have yet to receive an answer that speaks to the heart of the matter. I always seem to draw a blank when I seek to understand why I never seem to have enough money to partake of the finer things in life. What is there in me, when it comes to money at least, that seems to lack prosperity and desire to stay a pauper?

Answer: Hello, dear one! Alana appreciates your question. Isn't it interesting that many spiritual practices, and different learning tools for manifesting and creating our life, point to cause and effect? Alana wants to go deeper into this subject than just the notion of cause and effect.

What Alana wishes to discuss is "expression of creativity." Alana feels that money is a direct manifestation of the amount of creativity that an individual allows to flow through them.

What you can do, dear one, is look at your life and evaluate the amount of creativity that flows through you. Alana does not mean creativity in the sense of painting a picture or playing music (but it could be that). What Alana means is when you really allow yourself to surrender to what brings you joy. When you surrender to what brings you joy, creativity automatically begins to flow through you. Nothing else can happen. Do you see?

Alana feels that manifesting abundance is directly connected to ones ability to loosen up and really surrender to what brings joy, and doing this without an expectation of what will come back. When we surrender to joy, we may expect that we are going to receive oranges. However, apples may appear instead! We can learn to manifest in ways that aren't necessarily attached to the outcome our mind expects.

The approach here is:

- Allow yourself to surrender to joy.

- Through allowing yourself to surrender, creativity will begin to flow through you.

- The creativity will automatically attract to you abundance. (One form of abundance that will come back to you is financial prosperity, and there are many other forms, as well.)

Learning to manifest is really about trust. It is really about surrender. It is about letting go of the attachments to how you think your intentions are going to come back. Alana feels that by surrendering to joy, you will automatically shift a perception that lies within you and the attachment to the way you think it will come back. Doing this will broaden your energy and abundance will begin to flow in.

There is a certain amount of time that it takes before the evidence arrives, and this amount of time is what is necessary for thought forms and energy to move from the non-physical into the physical. Be sure and give yourself enough time surrendering to joy before you say that it isn't working. If you change your thinking and action, Alana guarantees that it will work. It will just take some time trusting your focus.

In the mean time, when you are pondering if this is possible, and if this is working, continue to hold your doubt within your heart. Allow your doubt to come up, but then take it a step further. Bring it into your heart. Then turn towards more joy!

Alana feels that you are ready for a shift and that abundance does want to enter your life. Perhaps this time is about learning how to devote yourself to joy.

Thank you, dear one.