I recently found myself in an impossible financial situation with the only way out being bankruptcy. I know there is a lot of stigma about this solution to money issues.

I seem to have a problem with money these days. Yesterday I actually had to visit a food bank because of my money situation. Can you please offer me some insight on this?

Is lack of abundance, sometimes necessary as a life's purpose? I seem to go round in circles and never get ahead. I desperately have been seeking my own answers spiritually, but without insight. Can you shed some light for me? (4 minutes, 28 seconds)

I and my husband are in a very difficult financial situation. We have so many bills to pay and our combined income is barely enough to get by. (4 minutes, 13 seconds)

I always seem to draw a blank when I seek to understand why I never seem to have enough money to partake of the finer things in life. What is there in me that seems to desire to stay a pauper? (3 minutes, 47 seconds)

My 2 current part time jobs have drastically decreased in income, so I really need to experience prosperity again to pay some bills. I'm trying to stay calm, but wondering how to start up the flow of income and prosperity in my life, until I find my ideal career. Do you have any advice? (4 minutes, 20 seconds)

I grew up in a very large (15 children all together) chaotic household. It was, for lack of a better term, dysfunctional. Although I have done much work to change my life, my circumstances continue to be that of very little money. I wonder what blocks I have that keep me from living a better lifestyle? (7 minutes, 50 seconds)

What affirmation can someone state everyday that would help them clarify that they truly do love themselves? (5 minutes, 47 seconds)